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The ultimate word finder for Scrabble and Words with Friends

Morewords is a free, yet powerful service that allows you to unscramble words, extend already existing words on the board in Scrabble and Words with Friends, solve anagrams and Wordles and filter words using advanced filters for linguistics.

Unscramble word finder

Our Scrabble and Words with Friends unscramble word finder allows you to form words from a rack of letters. It even supports blank tiles and highlights them in the results. See for yourself why this is our most popular feature - tap here to unscramble words for your first turn!

Unscramble rack into pattern on the board

The unscramble rack into pattern word finder allows you to unscramble into certain letter arrangements on a Scrabble or Words with Friends board. The syntax of the pattern used to model the letter arrangements is the one you already know from the standard search. Tap here to check out the new unscramble word finder!

Extend letters on the board

The extend word finder allows you to extend an already existing word (or letter) on the board, so it is perfect for all turns but the first one. Of course it also supports blank tiles - tap here to extend words like a Scrabble and Words with Friends pro!

Pattern word finder with powerful filters

Our linguists love this feature. We support filtering words by forcing certain letters to be included or excluded, having the word be of certain lengths and requiring it to contain only unique letters. Tap here to start filtering words.

Wordle solver

Our sophisticated Wordle solver suggests you all possible solutions for all your attempts and the hints you received for them. Our tests showed that even with bad hint luck, you will always get at least a 50/50. Tap here to solve all your daily Wordles with ease!

Find all words by length and first letter

The words by length and first letter page lists all lengths and starting letters that exist among all words. It is extremely helpful for solving crosswords and Wordle. Tap here to find out which word lengths and starting letters exist.

Find unique letter words

Ever wondered which words have no duplicate letters in them? Morewords provides a way to find all of them, filtered by a specific length and starting letter. Tap here to find words which only have unique letters.

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