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Unscramble word finder

Morewords' unscramble word finder for Scrabble and Words with Friends takes your rack and unjumbles the letters so that valid words of the same or smaller length are formed.

Our unscramble word finder supports blank tiles that can represent any letter. You can use such a blank tile by putting a question mark or a space character into the search field.

We also support several advanced options to allow you to get your desired results more efficiently. For example, you can group the results by word length or first letter depending on what you need.

If the rack you entered is a valid word or has anagrams, our unscramble word finder will also display this information along with the unjumbled words.

How to use our unscramble word finder

  1. Tap the options button and choose the game you are playing. Our word finder supports Scrabble United States, Scrabble United Kingdom and Words with Friends.
  2. Enter your rack into the search field. Use a question mark or space character for blank tiles.
  3. Tap the blue search button to get the words from our unscramble word finder. The nice thing about Morewords is that you get your results on the same page. You get the information you need immediately this way.
  4. By default, the resulting words are grouped by length. You can expand and collapse the groups so you can scroll through the results quickly and pick what you need.
  5. Choose the word you want to play and tap it to copy it. Ultimately, on mobile, perform a long tap to paste it into the Scrabble or Words with Friends game client to play it. On a computer, use Ctrl+V to paste the copied word.
  6. If you have a blank tile in your rack, Morewords marks the substituted letter in red. Be aware that a blank tile is worth zero points!

Next steps

Now that you successfully played a word for your first turn, you will have to re-use at least one letter that already exists on the board going forward, or even worse, many letters in a single row or column. What sounds like a hard task is actually a cakewalk with Morewords' unscramble rack into pattern word finder, since you put a pattern such as "*a-t" and we will automatically fill in the blanks with letters from your rack. Tap here to unscramble into certain letter arrangements on the board!