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Pattern word finder

Meet Morewords simple and fast pattern word finder. Refine your results with plenty of advanced filters, such as including and excluding certain letters, limiting the length of the word, allowing and disallowing duplicate letters and grouping word finder results by length and first letter.

Who should use it?

Morewords pattern word finder is extremely versatile and is thus a perfect candidate for a multitude of scenarios. Over the years, many users have expressed their gratitude for our word finder and used them in ways we did not expect.

Our primary target audience are linguists who require complex filters to limit their result set as much as possible. However, over the years we received endorsements from various people with different backgrounds.

For example, someone teaching English to Italian nuns with the help of our word finder. Or a librarian who needs to decipher ancient (and sometimes obscured) handwriting by having our word finder limit the possibilities of what certain words could be. Or people with dyslexia who use our word finder to figure out how likely it is there are different spellings for the same pronunciation of a word.

As you can see, Morewords pattern word finder covers a vast landscape of use cases. We are sure we can cover your specific situation too! If we cannot at the moment, feel free to contact us through the contact form found at the bottom of this page.

How to use it?

Using our word finder is pretty straightforward. First, enter a pattern into the search box. Visit our examples page to see the syntax of such a pattern.

Then, click on "Search". You should immediately see some results on the very same word finder page. Tap a word to copy it to the clipboard and use the navigation to scroll through different pages of your result set.

Likely the results you received are too broad. If so, unleash the true power of our word finder: the advanced filtering. Tap the "Advanced filters" box, start applying some filters and immediately see some changes in your result set.

Download your word finder result set using the download button. Results are provided as a plain text file, one word per line (Unix line endings, \n).