What is an Anagram?

Anagrams are words that are formed by rearranging all the letters within another word or phrase. A single word or phrase can have multiple anagrams. Probably the most famous example of an anagram is the word "anagram" itself. Rearranged it spells "nag a ram", which is quite humorous when painting the picture in your head.

If you ever tried finding anagrams yourself, you probably had a hard time doing so. After all, the English language consists of over 170,000 words, so thinking of possible combinations is tricky. Solving anagrams in a short amount of time is hard to master, and those who did are commonly referred to as "anagrammatists".

Why are Anagrams so popular?

First and foremost, they are fun. Did you know that something such as "real fun" can turn into something so morbid like "funeral"? And apparently, good old "Santa" can turn into "Satan". Or did you know that a "true lady" can turn to "adultery"? It's ridiculous.

Some of the examples above might terrify you, because they seem to be so non-arbitrary. You are not alone; it is believed that anagram solving dates back to as far as the ancient Greeks. They apparently thought names of people or buildings had hidden, mystical meanings just because you could form anagrams from them.

How can I solve Anagrams with Morewords?

Since Morewords is primarily dedicated to being an assistant for word games, that begs the question: it is possible to use Morewords to find anagrams to potentially give you an edge in Scrabble, Words with Friends and crossword puzzles?

The answer is a clear yes. Just enter an arbitrary phase into the search field above and see if it yields any results. On the page itself you can select the dictionary you want to find the anagrams in. Remember, while most, not all Words with Friends words are valid for Scrabble and vice-versa.

Solve Anagrams to score a Bingo in Scrabble and Words with Friends

A seasoned Scrabble or WWF player knows exactly what a Bingo is. A Bingo refers to the action of placing every tile from your rack. Due to space restrictions towards the end of the game, it is advised to play Bingos at the beginning or in the middle of the game.

All you really have to do is enter your entire tile rack in the search field above and see if there is a result in the dictionary of the word game you are playing. If yes, congratulations: you just earned a whopping 50 points in Scrabble or 35 points in Words with Friends plus the point value of the word you placed plus multiplier tiles.

Fun fact about unscramble words

Did you know that solving an anagram is the first step in a word unscrambler algorithm? While unscrambling requires you to potentially form smaller words from a rack of tiles, anagram solving only requires you to form words that have the same length as the amount of tiles on the rack.

You should definitely check out our Word Unscrambler. It is the fastest tool for unscrambling words for Scrabble or Words with Friends currently out there, as we use a highly optimized algorithm. However, that doesn't stop Morewords from being versatile as well. You can group your results by length or first letter and exclude or require certain letters.