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Extend letters on the board

This is our best feature yet. It is unique to Morewords, you will not find it anywhere else. This page allows you to extend existing words or letters on the board. You can even enter a pattern which contains placeholders for letters in your rack and letters representing the existing letters on the board.

How to extend letters

  1. Tap the options button and choose the game you are playing. Our extend letters feature supports Scrabble United States, Scrabble United Kingdom and Words with Friends.
  2. Enter the letters or a pattern to extend. The pattern contains placeholders (-) for your letters on the rack and static letters to extend on the board. Example: if you have "ros" on your rack and enter the pattern "--a-t", you will receive "roast" as a solution!
  3. Enter your rack into the search field. Use a question mark or space character for blank tiles.
  4. Tap the blue search button to get the words from our extend letters on the board algorithm. You will receive your results immediately, without a reload of the page.
  5. Choose the word you want to play and tap it to copy it. Ultimately, on mobile, perform a long tap to paste it into the Scrabble or Words with Friends game client to play it. On a computer, use Ctrl+V to paste the copied word.
  6. Morewords reduces the opacity of already existing letters, so you know exactly which letters you need to put in the game. If the word uses a blank tile from your rack, Morewords marks the substituted letter in red.

What can you do with our extend letters feature?

There are many things you can do with this feature. Firstly, you can simply extend a full word (or otherwise consecutive letters) on the board. For this, simply enter some letters into the "letters or pattern" field. For example, if you enter "word" into the field and have an "s" on your rack, Morewords will show you "words". One use case for this is if you want to quickly extend any word on the board and get a lot of points for it. Another is if you have insufficient space to put a new word perpendicular to some letters.

Furthermore, you can specify a pattern with fixed letters on the board and placeholders that are to be filled with letters from the rack. For example, if you put the pattern "--a-t", you expect a 5-letter word with an "a" at position 3 and a "t" at position 5. This kind of extension is probably the most common extension you will do in Scrabble and Words with Friends. For humans, this is a pretty hard task, but for Morewords, it is child's play.

Why the extend letters on the board feature will obliterate your opponents

As briefly touched upon in the last paragraph, humans have a hard time extending letters on the board because they need to go through a lot of possible combinations of letters on their rack and then try to fit this word somewhere on the board. Even the most professional Scrabble and Words with Friends players sometimes need several minutes to come up with a good solution.

However, with Morewords' extend letters tool, you can go through thousands of possible combinations for all letters on the board in mere seconds, giving you more time to pick the best location and choose the highest scoring word. If you are playing it smart, you can even beat the most professional players out there!