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Find words containing "sswo" anywhere

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Find words without letters after the caret (^)

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Find words of any length starting with "cross"

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Find words that start with "b", contain "c" somewhere within, and end with "d"

More information

How to extend existing words?

Previously you could use a certain link on the unscramble page to extend a singular letter on the board. However, this was very convoluted and did not work for multiple letters. We added a new feature to extend existing words on the board, tap here to navigate to the extend page..

How to exclude letters?

You can exclude letters from your search: all words containing any letters following a "^" (caret, shift-6 on US keyboards) in your search are excluded from the results.


m--e matches words such as make and mute. But m--e ^kt does not, as it omits all words containing a k or t.

If an excluded letter is elsewhere in the word, the word is not going to be in the results. For example "*kin ^eiou" will not find "akin", because it contains an "i" and you've excluded words containing an "i".

This is useful for games like Hangman, where you want to exclude letters you've already guessed.