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List of shorter words within cornels, sorted by length

2 letters

el en er es lo ne no oe on or os re so

3 letters

cel col con cor cos els ens eon ern ers nor nos oes ole one ons orc ore ors ose rec res roc roe sec sel sen ser sol son

4 letters

cels cero clon cole cols cone cons core corn cors enol eons erns eros leno lens lone lore lorn lose noel noes nose oles once ones orcs ores orle recs rocs roes role rose sloe sole sone sore sorn

5 letters

ceorl ceros clone clons close coles cones cores corns corse crone enols enrol lenos loner lores loser nerol noels onces orles recon roles scone score scorn senor snore socle sorel

6 letters

censor ceorls cloner clones closer cornel cresol crones enrols loners nerols recons

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