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Words formed from any letters in yucks, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   casky   saucy   yacks   yucas

b -   bucks

c -   yucks

d -   ducks   ducky   dusky

e -   cukes   yeuks

f -   fucks

g -   gucks

h -   cushy   hucks   husky   shuck

k -   yucks

l -   lucks   lucky   sculk   sulky

m -   kumys   mucks   mucky   musky

n -   snuck

o -   yocks

p -   pucks

r -   rucks

s -   cusks   sucks   yucks

t -   stuck   tucks

u -   yucks

y -   yucks   yucky

4 letters

a -   auks   caky   cask   cays   kays   sack   skua   yack   yaks   yuca

b -   buck   busk   busy   buys   cubs

c -   cusk   suck   yuck

d -   cuds   duck   dusk   scud

e -   cues   cuke   ecus   keys   kues   syce   syke   ukes   yeuk

f -   fuck

g -   guck   guys

h -   huck   husk   such   yuch

i -   icky   sick

k -   cusk   suck   yuck   yuks

l -   luck   sulk

m -   muck   musk   scum

n -   sunk   sync

o -   cosy   coys   sock   souk   yock   yoks

p -   cups   cusp   puck   scup   yups

r -   crus   curs   ruck   rusk   scry

s -   cusk   cuss   suck   yuks

t -   cuts   cyst   scut   tuck   tusk

u -   cusk   suck   yuck   yuks

y -   yuck   yuks

3 letters

a -   ask   auk   ays   cay   kas   kay   sac   sau   say   ska   yak

b -   bus   buy   bys   cub   sub

d -   cud

e -   cue   ecu   key   kue   sec   sue   uke   use   yes

g -   guy

h -   shy

i -   cis   ick   icy   sic   ski

j -   jus

k -   sky   yuk

l -   sly

m -   cum   mus   sum   yum

n -   nus   sun   syn   uns

o -   cos   coy   kos   sou   soy   yok   you

p -   cup   pus   spy   sup   ups   yup

q -   suq

r -   cry   cur

s -   sky

t -   cut   sty   tsk   uts

u -   yuk

y -   sky   yuk

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