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Words formed from any letters in worming, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

r -   ringworm

s -   misgrown

7 letters

a -   roaming   warming

b -   imbrown

c -   crowing

d -   wording

e -   meowing

f -   forming

g -   growing   worming

h -   whoring

i -   worming

k -   working

m -   worming

n -   ingrown   morning   worming

o -   mooring   rooming   worming

p -   pinworm   romping

r -   worming

s -   misgrow   mowings   rowings

t -   trowing

w -   worming

6 letters

a -   arming   margin   mawing   morgan   oaring   onagri   origan   waring

b -   boring   bowing   bromin   orbing   robing

c -   coming   coring   cowing   gnomic   micron

d -   doming   dormin   dowing   nimrod

e -   eringo   ignore   merino   mewing   monger   morgen   region   wigeon   winger

f -   inform

g -   goring   gringo   mowing   rowing

h -   homing

i -   miring   mowing   origin   riming   rowing   wiring

j -   jowing

k -   mikron

l -   lowing   wormil

m -   mowing

n -   mignon   minnow   mowing   owning   rowing

o -   mooing   morion   mowing   rowing   wooing

p -   moping   poring   roping

r -   rowing

s -   girons   grison   groins   minors   ogrism   rosing   signor   soring   sowing   wrings   wrongs

t -   towing   trigon

u -   gonium   muring

v -   moving   roving   vowing

w -   mowing   rowing   wowing

y -   wrying   yowing

5 letters

a -   amigo   amino   amnio   among   argon   awing   gamin   garni   gonia   gowan   grain   groan   imago   inarm   mango   manor   miaow   moira   noria   orang   organ   rawin   roman   rowan   wagon   wigan   woman   wrang

b -   bingo   boing   bring   brown   robin

c -   coign   corgi   crown   incog   micro   orcin   orgic

d -   dingo   doing   drown   grind   indow

e -   enorm   genom   genro   gnome   goner   grime   irone   miner   moire   monie   mower   owner   reign   renig   rewin   rewon   rowen   women

f -   frown   gonif

g -   giron   going   groin   grown   owing   wring   wrong

h -   ohing   rhino

i -   giron   groin   imino   iring   minor   owing   wring

j -   jingo

l -   growl   lingo

m -   minor

n -   giron   groin   grown   minor   owing   wring   wrong

o -   giron   groin   groom   grown   minor   mongo   moron   nomoi   owing   wrong

p -   gipon   oping   orpin   pingo   pirog   primo   prion   prong

r -   giron   groin   grown   minor   rigor   wring   wrong

s -   girns   giros   gismo   gowns   grins   grows   irons   morns   noirs   noris   norms   ornis   rings   rosin   swing   sworn   wings   winos   worms

t -   griot   ingot   intro   nitro   tigon   trigo

u -   guiro   mourn   mungo   onium   ruing   unrig   wrung

v -   vigor

w -   grown   owing   wring   wrong

y -   goyim   grimy   gyron   irony   mingy   wingy   wormy   yogin

z -   gizmo

4 letters

a -   agin   agio   agon   airn   amin   amir   gain   gnar   gnaw   gram   gran   magi   main   mair   mano   mawn   mina   moan   mora   naoi   noma   ogam   ragi   rain   rami   rang   rani   roam   roan   wain   wair   warm   warn

b -   bong   born   brig   brim   brin   brio   brow   womb

c -   cion   coin   coir   coni   corm   corn   crow   icon

d -   ding   dong   dorm   down   gird   gowd   grid   mind   modi   nodi   rind   wind   word

e -   emir   enow   ergo   germ   gien   goer   gone   gore   grew   meno   meow   mien   mine   mire   more   nome   ogre   omen   omer   rein   rime   weir   wine   wire   wore   wren

f -   fino   firm   firn   foin   form   frig   frog   from   frow   info

g -   girn   giro   gong   gown   grig   grim   grin   grog   grow   migg   nogg   ring   wing

h -   hong   horn   nigh   whig   whim   whin   whir   whom

i -   girn   giro   grim   grin   inro   iron   mini   miri   noir   nori   ring   wing   wino

j -   join

k -   gink   gowk   ikon   king   kino   kirn   know   mink   mirk   monk   oink   rink   wink   wonk   work

l -   girl   glim   glom   glow   limn   limo   ling   lino   lion   loin   long   lorn   lown   milo   moil   noil   roil

m -   grim   momi   morn   mown   norm   worm

n -   girn   gown   grin   inro   iron   morn   mown   noir   nori   norm   ring   wing   wino   worn

o -   giro   goon   gown   grow   inro   iron   mono   moon   moor   morn   mown   noir   nori   norm   room   wino   worm   worn

p -   gimp   gorp   grip   ping   pion   pirn   pong   porn   prig   prim   prog   prom   prow   romp   wimp

r -   girn   giro   grim   grin   grow   inro   iron   morn   noir   nori   norm   ring   worm   worn

s -   gins   ions   migs   mirs   miso   mogs   mons   mors   mows   nims   nogs   noms   nows   owns   rigs   rims   rins   roms   rows   sign   sing   smog   snog   snow   song   sori   sorn   sown   swig   swim   wigs   wins   wogs   wons

t -   girt   grit   grot   into   mint   mort   nowt   omit   riot   roti   ting   tiro   tong   tori   torn   town   trig   trim   trio   trow   twig   twin   wont   wort   writ

u -   grum   muni   muon   ruin   rung

v -   vino   vrow

w -   gown   grow   mown   wing   wino   worm   worn

x -   minx   oxim

y -   gory   gyri   gyro   miry   mony   orgy   rimy   winy   wiry   yogi   yoni

z -   zing   zori

3 letters

a -   ago   aim   ain   air   ami   ani   arm   awn   gam   gan   gar   goa   mag   man   mar   maw   moa   nag   nam   naw   oar   ora   rag   ram   ran   raw   ria   wag   wan   war

b -   big   bin   bio   bog   bow   bro   gib   gob   mib   mob   nib   nob   obi   orb   rib   rob

c -   cig   cog   con   cor   cow   cwm   moc   orc   roc

d -   dig   dim   din   dog   dom   don   dor   dow   gid   god   mid   mod   nod   rid   rod

e -   ego   eng   eon   erg   ern   gem   gen   gie   ire   meg   men   mew   new   one   ore   owe   reg   rei   rem   roe   wen   woe

f -   fig   fin   fir   fog   fon   for   fro   rif

g -   gig   gin   gor   mig   mog   nog   rig   wig   wog

h -   ghi   him   hin   hog   hon   how   mho   noh   ohm   rho   who

i -   gin   ion   mig   mir   nim   rig   rim   rin   wig   win

j -   jig   jin   jog   jow

k -   ink   irk   kin   kir   koi   kor   wok

l -   lin   log   low   mil   mol   nil   oil   owl

m -   mig   mim   mir   mog   mom   mon   mor   mow   nim   nom   rim   rom

n -   gin   inn   ion   mon   nim   nog   nom   nor   now   own   rin   win   won

o -   goo   gor   ion   mog   mon   moo   mor   mow   nog   nom   noo   nor   now   own   rom   row   wog   won   woo

p -   gip   imp   mop   nip   pig   pin   poi   pom   pow   pro   rip   wop

r -   gor   mir   mor   nor   rig   rim   rin   rom   row

s -   gos   ins   ism   mis   mos   nos   oms   ons   ors   sim   sin   sir   som   son   sow   sri   wis   wos

t -   git   got   mot   nit   not   ort   rot   tin   tog   tom   ton   tor   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   gnu   gum   gun   mug   mun   our   rug   rum   run   urn

v -   vig   vim   vow

w -   mow   now   own   row   wig   win   wog   won   wow

x -   gox   mix   nix

y -   goy   gym   wry   wyn   yin   yom   yon   yow

z -   wiz   zig   zin

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