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Words formed from any letters in witloof, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   witloofs

7 letters

d -   twofold

f -   witloof

i -   witloof

l -   witloof

o -   witloof

t -   witloof

u -   outflow

w -   witloof

6 letters

e -   flooie   footie   footle   oolite   woolie

h -   oolith   tholoi

l -   follow

n -   inflow   lotion

s -   folios

t -   wittol

u -   tufoli

5 letters

a -   afoot   aloft   aloof   float   flota   folia   loofa

b -   oboli

c -   clift   cloot   lotic   wilco

d -   flood   ootid

e -   filet   flite   looie   owlet   teloi   toile   towel   towie

f -   folio

g -   igloo   logoi

h -   filth   litho   thiol   whoof

i -   folio

k -   kloof   kotow

l -   fillo   folio   twill

m -   molto   motif

n -   flint   flown

o -   folio

p -   pilot   polio   topoi

r -   flirt   floor   lirot   triol   twirl

s -   filos   flits   flows   foils   foist   fools   foots   fowls   lifts   lofts   loofs   loots   lotos   olios   sotol   stool   swift   toils   tools   wilts   wolfs   woofs   wools

t -   lotto

u -   flout   woful

v -   ovoli   volti

y -   fitly   footy   lofty   wifty   wooly

4 letters

a -   alif   alit   alow   alto   awol   fail   fiat   fila   flat   flaw   foal   iota   lati   loaf   lota   tail   tali   tola   waft   waif   wail   wait

b -   blot   blow   boil   bolo   bolt   boot   bowl   lobo   obit   obol

c -   clit   clot   coft   coif   coil   colt   coof   cool   coot   cowl   fico   flic   floc   foci   loci   loco   otic

d -   diol   doit   dolt   fido   fold   food   idol   lido   told   wild   wold   wood

e -   felt   file   flew   floe   left   lief   life   lite   lowe   lwei   oleo   tile   tole   weft   welt   wife   wile   wite

f -   filo   flit   flow   foil   fool   foot   fowl   lift   loft   loof   tiff   toff   wolf   woof

g -   flog   gift   gilt   glow   golf   goof   logo   twig

h -   hilt   holt   hoof   hoot   howf   howl   loth   thio   whit   with

i -   filo   flit   foil   lift   loti   olio   toil   wilt

j -   jilt   jolt   jowl

k -   folk   kilo   kilt   kolo   koto   look   took

l -   fill   filo   flit   flow   foil   fool   fowl   lift   lilt   loft   loof   loot   loti   olio   till   toil   toll   tool   will   wilt   wolf   wool

m -   film   limo   loom   milo   milt   moil   molt   mool   moot   omit   toom

n -   fino   foin   font   info   into   lino   lint   lion   loin   loon   lown   noil   nolo   nowt   onto   toon   town   twin   wino   wont

o -   filo   flow   foil   fool   foot   fowl   loft   loof   loot   loti   olio   toil   tool   wolf   woof   wool

p -   flip   flop   loop   plot   plow   polo   poof   pool   topi

r -   fort   frit   frow   rift   riot   roil   rolf   roof   root   roti   rotl   roto   tirl   tiro   tori   toro   trio   trow   wort   writ

s -   fils   fist   fits   list   lits   loos   lost   lots   lows   oils   oots   owls   sift   silo   silt   slit   slot   slow   soft   soil   soli   solo   soot   stow   swot   tils   tows   twos   wist   wits   woos   wost   wots

t -   flit   foot   lift   loft   loot   loti   otto   tilt   toft   toil   toit   tool   toot   twit   wilt

u -   foul   litu   lout   tofu   tolu

v -   viol   volt

w -   flow   fowl   wilt   wolf   woof   wool

x -   fixt

y -   oily   towy   toyo   wily   yowl

3 letters

a -   aft   ail   ait   alt   awl   fat   lat   law   oaf   oat   tao   taw   twa   wat

b -   bio   bit   boo   bot   bow   fib   fob   lib   lob   obi

c -   col   coo   cot   cow   tic

d -   dit   dol   dot   dow   fid   lid   old   tod

e -   eft   elf   fet   few   fie   foe   lei   let   lie   ole   owe   tel   tew   tie   toe   wet   woe

f -   fil   fit   iff   off   oft

g -   fig   fog   git   goo   got   log   tog   wig   wog

h -   foh   hit   hot   how   oho   ooh   tho   who

i -   fil   fit   lit   oil   til   wit

j -   jot   jow

k -   ilk   kif   kit   koi   wok

l -   fil   ill   lit   loo   lot   low   oil   owl   til

m -   mil   mol   moo   mot   mow   tom

n -   fin   fon   ion   lin   nil   nit   noo   not   now   own   tin   ton   win   won

o -   loo   lot   low   oft   oil   oot   owl   too   tow   two   woo   wot

p -   fop   lip   lop   opt   pit   poi   pol   pot   pow   tip   top   wop

r -   fir   for   fro   ort   rif   rot   row   tor

s -   ifs   its   lis   sit   sol   sot   sow   tis   wis   wos

t -   fit   lit   lot   oft   oot   til   tit   too   tot   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   flu   fou   out   tui

v -   vow

w -   low   owl   tow   two   wit   woo   wot   wow

x -   fix   fox   lox   oxo

y -   fly   foy   toy   yow

z -   fiz   wiz   zit   zoo

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