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Words formed from any letters in wise, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

d -   wides   wised

f -   wifes

l -   lewis   lweis   wiles

n -   sinew   swine   wines

p -   swipe   wipes

r -   weirs   wires   wiser   wries

s -   wises

t -   wites

v -   swive   views   wives

z -   wizes

4 letters

a -   awes   waes

b -   bise   webs

c -   ices   sice

d -   dews   dies   ides   side   weds   wide

e -   ewes   wees   wise

f -   seif   wife

g -   egis   gies   swig   wigs

h -   hews   hies   shew   wish

i -   iwis   wise

j -   jews

k -   sike   skew

l -   isle   leis   lies   lwei   slew   wile

m -   mews   mise   semi   smew   swim

n -   news   sewn   sine   wens   wine   wins

o -   owes   owse   woes

p -   pews   pies   sipe   spew   wipe   wisp

r -   ires   reis   rise   sire   weir   wire

s -   seis   sews   wise   wiss

t -   site   stew   tews   ties   west   wets   wist   wite   wits

v -   vies   view   vise   wive

w -   wise

y -   wyes   yews   ywis

z -   size

3 letters

a -   ais   awe   sae   saw   sea   wae   was

b -   bis   sib   web

c -   cis   ice   sec   sic

d -   dew   die   dis   eds   ids   wed

e -   ewe   see   sei   sew   wee

f -   efs   few   fie   ifs

g -   gie   seg   wig

h -   hes   hew   hie   his   she

i -   sei   wis

j -   jew

k -   ski

l -   els   lei   lie   lis   sel

m -   ems   ism   mew   mis   sim

n -   ens   ins   new   sen   sin   wen   win

o -   oes   ose   owe   sow   woe   wos

p -   pes   pew   pie   pis   psi   sip

r -   ers   ire   rei   res   ser   sir   sri

s -   ess   sei   sew   sis   wis

t -   its   set   sit   tew   tie   tis   wet   wit

u -   sue   use

v -   vie   vis

w -   sew   wis

x -   sex   six   xis

y -   wye   yes   yew

z -   wiz

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