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Words formed from any letters in wires, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   brewis

d -   weirds

h -   wisher

n -   rewins

p -   wipers

r -   wirers

t -   twiers   wriest   writes

v -   wivers

5 letters

a -   arise   raise   resaw   sawer   serai   sewar   sware   swear   wairs   wares   wears

b -   biers   birse   brews   bries   ribes

c -   cires   crews   cries   rices   screw

d -   dries   resid   rides   sired   weird   wider   wides   wired   wised   wried

e -   ewers   resew   sewer   siree   sweer   weirs   wires   wiser   wries

f -   fires   fries   frise   reifs   serif   wifes

h -   heirs   hires   shier   shire   shrew   whirs

i -   weirs   wires   wiser   wries

k -   keirs   kiers   siker   skier

l -   lewis   liers   lweis   riels   riles   slier   swirl   wiles

m -   emirs   mires   miser   rimes

n -   reins   resin   rewin   rinse   risen   serin   sinew   siren   swine   wines   wrens

o -   osier   resow   serow   sower   swore   worse

p -   peris   piers   pries   prise   ripes   speir   spier   spire   swipe   wiper   wipes

r -   riser   weirs   wirer   wires   wiser   wrier   wries

s -   rises   sires   weirs   wires   wiser   wises   wries

t -   rites   strew   tiers   tires   trews   tries   twier   wites   wrest   wrist   write   writs

u -   sieur

v -   rives   siver   swive   viers   views   vires   wiver   wives

w -   weirs   wires   wiser   wries

z -   sizer   wizes

4 letters

a -   airs   ares   arse   awes   ears   eras   rase   raws   rias   sari   sear   sera   waes   wair   ware   wars   wear

b -   bier   bise   brew   brie   bris   rebs   ribs   webs

c -   cire   crew   cris   ices   recs   rice   sice

d -   dews   dies   dire   drew   ides   ired   reds   ride   rids   side   weds   wide

e -   ewer   ewes   ires   rees   reis   rise   seer   sere   sire   weer   wees   weir   were   wire   wise

f -   fire   firs   refs   reif   rife   rifs   seif   serf   wife

g -   egis   ergs   gies   grew   regs   rigs   swig   wigs

h -   heir   hers   hews   hies   hire   resh   shew   shri   whir   wish

i -   ires   iris   iwis   reis   rise   sire   weir   wire   wise

j -   jews

k -   irks   keir   kier   kirs   kris   risk   sike   skew

l -   isle   leis   lier   lies   lire   lwei   riel   rile   slew   wile

m -   emir   mews   mire   mirs   mise   rems   rime   rims   semi   smew   swim

n -   erns   news   rein   rins   sewn   sine   wens   wine   wins   wren

o -   eros   ores   owes   owse   roes   rose   rows   sore   sori   woes   wore

p -   peri   pews   pier   pies   reps   ripe   rips   sipe   spew   wipe   wisp

r -   errs   ires   reis   rise   sire   weir   wire

s -   ires   reis   rise   seis   sers   sews   sire   sirs   sris   wise   wiss

t -   erst   rest   rets   rite   site   stew   stir   tews   tier   ties   tire   wert   west   wets   wist   wite   wits   writ

u -   rues   ruse   suer   sure   user

v -   revs   rive   vier   vies   view   vise   wive

w -   weir   wire   wise

y -   ryes   wiry   wyes   yews   ywis

z -   size

3 letters

a -   air   ais   are   ars   awe   ear   era   ras   raw   ria   sae   saw   sea   wae   war   was

b -   bis   reb   rib   sib   web

c -   cis   ice   rec   sec   sic

d -   dew   die   dis   eds   ids   red   rid   wed

e -   ere   ers   ewe   ire   ree   rei   res   see   sei   ser   sew   wee

f -   efs   fer   few   fie   fir   ifs   ref   rif

g -   erg   gie   reg   rig   seg   wig

h -   her   hes   hew   hie   his   she

i -   ire   rei   sei   sir   sri   wis

j -   jew

k -   irk   kir   ski

l -   els   lei   lie   lis   sel

m -   ems   ism   mew   mir   mis   rem   rim   sim

n -   ens   ern   ins   new   rin   sen   sin   wen   win

o -   oes   ore   ors   ose   owe   roe   row   sow   woe   wos

p -   per   pes   pew   pie   pis   psi   rep   rip   sip

r -   err   ers   ire   rei   res   ser   sir   sri

s -   ers   ess   res   sei   ser   sew   sir   sis   sri   wis

t -   its   ret   set   sit   tew   tie   tis   wet   wit

u -   rue   sue   use

v -   rev   vie   vis

w -   sew   wis

x -   rex   sex   six   xis

y -   rye   wry   wye   yes   yew

z -   wiz

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