More Words

Words formed from any letters in wholism, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   wholisms

7 letters

f -   wolfish

h -   wholism

i -   wholism

l -   wholism

m -   wholism

o -   wholism

r -   wormils   wormish

s -   holisms   slowish   wholism

w -   wholism

y -   showily

6 letters

a -   miaows   shalom

b -   limbos

c -   holmic

d -   modish   oldish   wisdom

e -   helios   holies   isohel   mohels   molies   whelms   whiles   wholes

h -   holism   lowish   owlish   whilom

i -   holism   lowish   owlish   whilom

l -   hillos   holism   lowish   owlish   whilom

m -   holism   whilom

n -   monish

o -   holism   lowish   owlish   sholom   whilom   whomso

p -   mopish   polish   whomps

r -   whirls   whorls   wormil

s -   holism   lissom   lowish   owlish   whosis

t -   holist   lithos   thiols   whilst

u -   mulish

w -   lowish   owlish   whilom

y -   homily   whimsy

5 letters

a -   awols   hails   halms   halos   limas   loams   mails   miaow   molas   ohias   salmi   shawl   shawm   shoal   swail   swami   wails   whamo   whams   wisha

b -   blows   boils   bowls   limbo   limbs   wombs

c -   chows   coils   cowls   lochs   milch   ohmic   osmic   schmo   scowl   wilco

d -   dhows   diols   holds   idols   lidos   misdo   molds   sloid   soldi   solid   whids   wilds   wolds

e -   heils   helio   helms   helos   hoise   holes   homes   hosel   howes   lewis   limes   lowes   lowse   lweis   meows   mewls   miles   mohel   moles   sheol   shiel   slime   smile   solei   welsh   whelm   while   whole   whose   wiles

f -   films   filos   flows   foils   fowls   howfs   wolfs

g -   gismo   glims   gloms   glows   whigs

h -   holms   howls   whims   whish

i -   limos   milos   moils   whims

j -   jowls   shoji

k -   holks   howks   kilos   kohls   milks   skimo   whisk

l -   hillo   hills   holms   howls   limos   mills   milos   moils   molls   shill   swill   wills

m -   holms   limos   milos   moils   whims

n -   limns   linos   lions   loins   noils   shown   whins   winos

o -   holms   homos   howls   limos   looms   milos   moils   mools   olios   osmol   shool   whoso   wools   woosh

p -   limps   plows   polis   spoil   whips   whomp   whops   wimps

r -   loris   roils   shorl   swirl   whirl   whirs   whorl   worms

s -   holms   howls   limos   milos   misos   moils   shims   shows   silos   slims   slosh   slows   soils   swims   swish   whims

t -   hilts   hoist   holts   litho   milts   moist   molts   moths   omits   sloth   smith   smolt   swith   thiol   toils   whist   whits   wilts

u -   hilum   hilus   louis   solum

v -   viols

w -   howls   whims

x -   oxims   sixmo

y -   shily   showy   slimy   yowls

4 letters

a -   ails   aims   alms   alow   also   amis   awls   awol   hail   halm   halo   hams   haws   hila   lams   lash   laws   lima   loam   mail   mash   maws   moas   mola   ohia   sail   sham   shaw   sial   sima   slam   slaw   sola   soma   swam   wail   wash   wham   whoa

b -   bios   blow   boil   bosh   bowl   bows   hobs   libs   limb   lobs   mibs   mobs   obis   slob   swob   womb

c -   chis   chow   coil   cols   cosh   cowl   cows   cwms   ichs   lich   loch   loci   mocs   scow   wich

d -   dhow   dims   diol   dish   dols   doms   dows   hods   hold   idol   lido   lids   mids   mild   modi   mods   mold   olds   shod   sild   slid   sold   whid   wild   wold

e -   elhi   elms   heil   helm   helo   hems   hews   hies   hoes   hole   home   hose   howe   isle   leis   lies   lime   lose   lowe   lwei   mels   meow   mesh   mewl   mews   mile   mise   mole   oles   owes   owse   semi   shew   shoe   slew   sloe   smew   sole   some   wile   wise   woes

f -   film   filo   fils   fish   flow   foil   fowl   howf   wolf

g -   ghis   glim   glom   glow   gosh   hogs   logs   migs   mogs   shog   sigh   slog   smog   swig   whig   wigs   wogs

h -   holm   hols   howl   hows   mhos   mosh   ohms   shim   shmo   show   whim   whom   wish

i -   hili   iwis   limo   milo   mils   miso   moil   oils   shim   silo   slim   soil   soli   swim   whim   wish

j -   jism   josh   jowl   jows

k -   holk   howk   ilks   khis   kilo   kohl   kois   milk   mosk   silk   skim   woks

l -   hill   holm   hols   howl   ills   limo   lows   mill   milo   mils   moil   moll   mols   oils   owls   sill   silo   slim   slow   soil   soli   will

m -   holm   limo   mhos   milo   mils   miso   moil   mols   momi   moms   mosh   mows   ohms   shim   shmo   slim   swim   whim   whom

n -   hins   hisn   hons   ions   limn   lino   lins   lion   loin   lown   mons   mown   nils   nims   noil   noms   nosh   nows   owns   shin   sinh   snow   sown   whin   wino   wins   wons

o -   holm   hols   homo   howl   hows   limo   loom   loos   lows   mhos   milo   miso   moil   mols   mool   moos   mosh   mows   ohms   oils   olio   oohs   owls   shmo   shoo   show   silo   slow   soil   soli   solo   whom   wool   woos

p -   hips   holp   hops   imps   limp   lips   lisp   lops   mops   phis   pish   piso   plow   pois   pols   poms   posh   pows   ship   shop   simp   slip   slop   soph   swop   whip   whop   wimp   wisp   wops

r -   mirs   mors   rhos   rims   roil   roms   rows   shri   sori   whir   worm

s -   hiss   hols   hows   isms   loss   lows   mhos   mils   miso   miss   mols   mosh   moss   mows   ohms   oils   owls   shim   shmo   show   silo   sims   slim   slow   soil   soli   sols   sows   swim   wish   wiss

t -   hilt   hist   hits   holt   host   hots   list   lits   lost   loth   loti   lots   milt   mist   molt   most   moth   mots   omit   shit   shot   silt   sith   slit   slot   smit   soth   stow   swot   thio   this   tils   toil   toms   tosh   tows   twos   whit   wilt   wist   with   wits   wost   wots

u -   hums   lums   lush   mush   shul   slum   soul   sumo   swum

v -   shiv   vims   viol   vows

w -   howl   hows   lows   mows   owls   show   slow   swim   whim   whom   wish   wows

x -   oxim

y -   holy   homy   hoys   limy   moly   oily   syli   whys   wily   yowl   yows   ywis

z -   whiz

3 letters

a -   ail   aim   ais   als   ami   ash   awl   ham   hao   has   haw   lam   las   law   mas   maw   moa   sal   saw   sha   was   wha

b -   bio   bis   bos   bow   hob   lib   lob   mib   mob   obi   sib   sob

c -   chi   cis   col   cos   cow   cwm   hic   ich   moc   sic

d -   dim   dis   dol   dom   dos   dow   hid   hod   ids   lid   mid   mod   ods   old   sod

e -   elm   els   ems   hem   hes   hew   hie   hoe   lei   lie   mel   mew   oes   ole   ose   owe   sei   sel   sew   she   woe

f -   fil   foh   ifs

g -   ghi   gos   hog   log   mig   mog   wig   wog

h -   him   his   how   mho   ohm   ohs   shh   who

i -   him   his   ism   lis   mil   mis   oil   sim   wis

j -   jow

k -   ilk   khi   koi   kos   ski   wok

l -   ill   lis   low   mil   mol   oil   owl   sol

m -   him   hmm   ism   mho   mil   mim   mis   mol   mom   mos   mow   ohm   oms   sim   som

n -   hin   hon   ins   ion   lin   mon   nil   nim   noh   nom   nos   now   ons   own   sin   son   win   won

o -   how   loo   low   mho   mol   moo   mos   mow   ohm   oho   ohs   oil   oms   ooh   owl   sol   som   sow   who   woo   wos

p -   hip   hop   imp   lip   lop   mop   ops   phi   pis   poh   poi   pol   pom   pow   psi   sip   sop   wop

r -   mir   mor   ors   rho   rim   rom   row   sir   sri

s -   his   ism   lis   mis   mos   ohs   oms   sim   sis   sol   som   sos   sow   wis   wos

t -   hit   hot   its   lit   lot   mot   sit   sot   tho   til   tis   tom   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   hum   lum   mus   sou   sum

v -   vim   vis   vow

w -   how   low   mow   owl   sow   who   wis   wos   wow

x -   lox   mix   six   sox   xis

y -   hoy   shy   sly   soy   why   yom   yow

z -   wiz

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