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Words formed from any letters in whiffle, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   whiffled

r -   whiffler

s -   whiffles

7 letters

d -   whiffed

e -   whiffle

f -   whiffle

h -   whiffle

i -   whiffle

l -   whiffle

r -   whiffer

t -   whiffet

w -   whiffle

6 letters

a -   awhile   waffie   waffle

d -   whiled

p -   piffle

r -   riffle

s -   elfish   whiffs   whiles

y -   wifely

5 letters

a -   whale   wheal

c -   chief   chiel   chile   cliff   fiche   filch   welch

d -   felid   field   fifed   filed   flied   wield   wifed   wiled

e -   wheel   while

f -   whiff

g -   gliff   weigh

h -   whiff   while

i -   whiff   while

k -   whelk

l -   fille   while

m -   whelm

n -   elfin   whine

o -   helio   howff   whole

p -   whelp

r -   fifer   filer   flier   lifer   rifle   whirl

s -   fiefs   fifes   files   flesh   flews   flies   heils   lewis   lweis   shelf   shiel   welsh   wifes   wiles

t -   fifth   filet   filth   flite   lithe   thief   white   withe

w -   whiff   while

x -   helix

4 letters

a -   alef   alif   fail   feal   fila   flaw   flea   hail   hale   half   heal   hila   ilea   leaf   waff   waif   wail   wale   weal

b -   biff   bile   blew

c -   ceil   chef   chew   clef   clew   fice   flic   lech   lice   lich   wich

d -   defi   deil   delf   deli   diel   fled   held   hide   hied   idle   lewd   lied   weld   whid   wide   wild

e -   elhi   feel   fief   fife   file   flee   flew   heel   heil   lief   life   lwei   weel   whee   wife   wile

f -   fief   fife   file   flew   lief   life   wife

g -   whig

h -   elhi   heil

i -   elhi   fief   fife   file   heil   hili   lief   life   lwei   wife   wile

j -   jiff

k -   hike   kief   like

l -   elhi   fell   file   fill   flew   heil   hell   hill   lief   life   lwei   well   wile   will

m -   film   helm   lime   mewl   miff   mile   whim

n -   fine   hewn   lien   line   neif   when   whin   wine

o -   filo   floe   flow   foil   fowl   helo   hole   howe   howf   howl   lowe   wolf

p -   flip   help   lipe   pelf   phew   pile   plew   plie   whip   wipe

r -   fire   heir   herl   hire   lehr   lier   lire   reif   riel   rife   riff   rile   weir   whir   wire

s -   effs   fehs   fils   fish   hews   hies   isle   leis   lies   seif   self   shew   slew   wise   wish

t -   felt   flit   heft   hilt   left   lift   lite   teff   thew   tiff   tile   weft   welt   whet   whit   wilt   wite   with

u -   flue   fuel   huff   lieu   luff

v -   evil   five   hive   live   veil   view   vile   wive

w -   flew   lwei   whew   wife   wile

x -   flex   ilex

y -   fley   iffy   whey   wily   wyle

z -   whiz

3 letters

a -   aff   ail   ale   awe   awl   hae   haw   law   lea   wae   wha

b -   bel   fib   lib   web

c -   cel   chi   hic   ice   ich

d -   del   dew   die   edh   eld   fed   fid   hid   led   lid   wed

e -   eel   eff   elf   ewe   fee   feh   few   fie   hew   hie   lee   lei   lie   wee

f -   eff   elf   feh   few   fie   fil   iff

g -   fig   gel   ghi   gie   leg   wig

h -   feh   heh   hew   hie

i -   fie   fil   hie   iff   lei   lie

j -   jew

k -   elk   ilk   kef   khi   kif   lek

l -   elf   ell   fil   ill   lei   lie

m -   elm   emf   fem   hem   him   mel   mew   mil

n -   fen   fin   hen   hin   lin   new   nil   wen   win

o -   foe   foh   hoe   how   low   off   oil   ole   owe   owl   who   woe

p -   hep   hip   lip   peh   pew   phi   pie

r -   fer   fir   her   ire   ref   rei   rif

s -   efs   els   hes   his   ifs   lis   sei   sel   sew   she   wis

t -   eft   eth   fet   fit   het   hit   let   lit   tel   tew   the   tie   til   wet   wit

u -   feu   flu   hue   leu

v -   lev   vie

w -   few   hew

x -   fix   hex   lex

y -   fey   fly   hey   ley   lye   why   wye   yeh   yew

z -   fez   fiz   lez   wiz

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