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Words formed from any letters in whack, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   kwacha

o -   whacko

s -   whacks

t -   thwack

y -   whacky

5 letters

a -   whack

c -   whack

e -   hacek   wacke

h -   whack

k -   whack

l -   chalk

o -   cahow   wacko

r -   chark   wrack

s -   chaws   hacks   hawks   schwa   shack   wacks

t -   thack   watch

w -   whack

y -   wacky

4 letters

a -   chaw   hack   hawk   wack

b -   bach   back

c -   chaw   hack   wack

d -   chad   dawk   dhak

e -   ache   cake   chew   each   hake   heck   wake   weak   weka

f -   khaf

g -   gawk

h -   chaw   hack   hawk

i -   chia   haik   hick   wich   wick

j -   jack

k -   hack   hawk   wack

l -   calk   claw   lack   lakh   walk

m -   cham   mach   mack   wham

n -   ankh   hank   hwan   khan

o -   chao   chow   hock   howk   whoa

p -   caph   chap   kaph   pack   whap

r -   arch   cark   char   craw   hark   rack   wark

s -   cash   cask   caws   haws   sack   shaw   wash

t -   chat   khat   tach   tack   thaw   what

u -   huck   wauk

w -   chaw   hawk   wack

y -   achy   caky   chay   wych   yack

3 letters

a -   aah   aha   awa   caw   haw   wha

b -   bah   cab   kab   wab

c -   caw

d -   cad   dah   dak   daw   had   wad

e -   ace   awe   hae   hew   kae   kea   wae

f -   kaf

g -   hag   wag

h -   hah   haw   wha

i -   chi   hic   ich   ick   khi

j -   haj   jaw

l -   awl   lac   law

m -   cam   cwm   ham   mac   maw

n -   awn   can   nah   naw   wan

o -   cow   hao   how   koa   oak   oca   oka   who   wok

p -   cap   hap   pac   pah   paw   wap

r -   arc   ark   car   rah   raw   war

s -   ash   ask   has   kas   sac   saw   sha   ska   was

t -   act   cat   hat   kat   taw   twa   wat

u -   auk

v -   vac   vaw

w -   caw   haw   waw   wha

x -   wax

y -   cay   hay   kay   way   why   yah   yak   yaw

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