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Words formed from any letters in wench, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   whence

r -   wrench

5 letters

a -   hance

b -   bench

c -   wench

e -   hence   wench   wheen

h -   wench

i -   chine   niche   whine   wince   winch

k -   kench

l -   welch

n -   wench

s -   chews   shewn   whens

t -   tench   wecht

w -   wench

y -   chewy

4 letters

a -   ache   acne   anew   cane   chaw   each   haen   hwan   wane   wean

c -   chew

d -   wend

e -   chew   eche   hewn   ween   whee   when

f -   chef

h -   chew   hewn   when

i -   chin   cine   inch   nice   whin   wich   wine

k -   heck   knew   neck

l -   clew   lech

n -   hewn   when

o -   chon   chow   cone   echo   enow   hone   howe   once

p -   pech   phew

r -   crew   hern   wren

s -   hens   hews   news   sewn   shew   wens

t -   cent   etch   hent   newt   then   thew   went   whet

w -   chew   hewn   when   whew

y -   whey   wych   yech

z -   chez

3 letters

a -   ace   ane   awe   awn   can   caw   hae   haw   nae   nah   naw   wae   wan   wha

b -   ben   neb   web

d -   den   dew   edh   end   wed

e -   cee   ewe   hen   hew   nee   new   wee   wen

f -   feh   fen   few

g -   eng   gen

h -   heh   hen   hew

i -   chi   hic   hie   hin   ice   ich   win

j -   jew

k -   ken

l -   cel

m -   cwm   hem   men   mew

n -   hen   new   wen

o -   con   cow   eon   hoe   hon   how   noh   now   one   owe   own   who   woe   won

p -   cep   hep   pec   peh   pen   pew

r -   ern   her   rec

s -   ens   hes   sec   sen   sew   she

t -   eth   het   net   nth   ten   tew   the   wet

u -   cue   ecu   hue   hun

w -   hew   new   wen

x -   hex

y -   hey   why   wye   wyn   yeh   yen   yew

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