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Words formed from any letters in verse, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   averse   reaves

b -   breves

d -   served   versed

e -   reeves   severe

f -   fevers

g -   verges

i -   reives   revise

l -   elvers   levers   revels

m -   vermes

n -   nerves

o -   soever

p -   vesper

r -   revers   server   verser

s -   serves   severs   verses

t -   everts   revest   revets   verset   verste

u -   revues

v -   verves

w -   swerve

x -   vexers

5 letters

a -   avers   eaves   erase   raves   reave   saree   saver

b -   beers   brees   breve   verbs

c -   ceres   scree

d -   deers   drees   redes   reeds   seder   sered

e -   reeve   resee   serve   sever   veers   verse

f -   feres   fever   frees   reefs

g -   egers   grees   reges   serge   verge

h -   heres   sheer

i -   reive   rives   sieve   siree   siver   viers   vires

j -   jeers

k -   esker   reeks

l -   elver   elves   leers   lever   reels   revel

m -   meres

n -   ernes   evens   nerve   never   neves   seven   sneer

o -   erose   overs   roves   servo   verso

p -   peers   perse   prees   prese   speer   spree   veeps

r -   serer   serve   sever   veers   verse

s -   erses   seers   seres   serve   sever   veers   verse

t -   ester   evert   reest   reset   revet   steer   stere   terse   trees   verst   verts

u -   reuse   revue

v -   serve   sever   veers   verse   verve

w -   ewers   resew   sewer   sweer

x -   rexes   vexer   vexes

y -   every   eyers   eyres   veery

4 letters

a -   ares   arse   aver   aves   ears   ease   eave   eras   rase   rave   save   sear   sera   vars   vase   vera

b -   beer   bees   bree   rebs   verb

c -   cees   cere   recs

d -   deer   dees   dere   devs   dree   rede   reds   reed   seed

e -   ever   eves   rees   revs   seer   sere   veer   vees

f -   fees   fere   free   reef   refs   serf

g -   eger   ergs   gees   gree   regs

h -   here   hers   resh

i -   ires   reis   rise   rive   sire   vier   vies   vise

j -   jeer   jees

k -   ekes   reek   seek   skee

l -   eels   else   leer   lees   reel   seel

m -   emes   mere   rems   seem   seme

n -   erne   erns   even   neve   seen   sene

o -   eros   ores   over   roes   rose   rove   sore   voes

p -   peer   pees   pree   reps   seep   veep

r -   errs   ever   rees   revs   seer   sere   veer

s -   eses   eves   rees   revs   seer   sees   sere   sers   vees

t -   erst   rest   rete   rets   tees   tree   vert   vest   vets

u -   rues   ruse   suer   sure   user

v -   ever   eves   revs   veer   vees

w -   ewer   ewes   weer   wees   were

x -   exes

y -   eery   eyer   eyes   eyre   ryes   very

z -   zees

3 letters

a -   are   ars   ave   ear   era   ras   sae   sea   var   vas

b -   bee   reb

c -   cee   rec   sec

d -   dee   dev   eds   red

e -   ere   ers   eve   ree   res   rev   see   ser   vee

f -   efs   fee   fer   ref

g -   erg   gee   reg   seg   veg

h -   her   hes   she

i -   ire   rei   sei   sir   sri   vie   vis

j -   jee

k -   eke

l -   eel   els   lee   lev   sel

m -   eme   ems   rem

n -   ens   ern   nee   sen

o -   oes   ore   ors   ose   roe   voe

p -   pee   per   pes   rep

r -   ere   err   ers   ree   res   rev   ser

s -   ers   ess   res   see   ser

t -   ret   set   tee   vet

u -   rue   sue   use

v -   eve   rev   vee

w -   ewe   sew   wee

x -   rex   sex   vex

y -   eye   rye   yes

z -   zee

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