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Words formed from any letters in varve, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

d -   varved

s -   varves

5 letters

a -   varve

b -   brave

c -   carve   caver   crave

d -   drave   raved

e -   reave   varve   verve

g -   grave

h -   haver

i -   aiver

l -   laver   ravel   valve   velar

n -   raven

p -   parve   paver

r -   raver   varve

s -   avers   raves   saver

t -   avert   trave

v -   varve

w -   waver

4 letters

a -   area   aver   rave   vara   vera

b -   bare   bear   brae   verb

c -   acre   care   cave   race

d -   dare   dear   deva   read

e -   aver   eave   ever   rave   veer   vera

f -   fare   fave   fear   frae

g -   ager   gave   gear   rage

h -   hare   have   hear   rhea

i -   rive   vair   vier   viva   vive

k -   rake

l -   earl   lave   lear   leva   rale   real   vale   veal   vela

m -   mare   ream

n -   earn   nave   near   vane   vena

o -   aero   arvo   over   rove

p -   aper   pare   pave   pear   rape   reap

r -   aver   rare   rave   rear   vera

s -   ares   arse   aves   ears   eras   rase   revs   save   sear   sera   vars   vase   vavs

t -   rate   tare   tear   vert

u -   urea   uvea

v -   aver   rave   vera

w -   ware   wave   wear

y -   aery   eyra   vary   very   yare   year

z -   raze

3 letters

a -   are   ava   ave   ear   era   var   vav

b -   arb   bar   bra   reb

c -   ace   arc   car   rec   vac

d -   dev   rad   red

e -   are   ave   ear   era   ere   eve   ree   rev   vee

f -   arf   far   fer   ref

g -   age   erg   gae   gar   rag   reg   veg

h -   hae   her   rah

i -   air   ire   rei   ria   via   vie

j -   jar   raj

k -   ark   kae   kea

l -   ale   lar   lav   lea   lev

m -   arm   mae   mar   ram   rem

n -   ane   ern   nae   ran   van

o -   avo   oar   ora   ore   ova   roe   voe

p -   ape   par   pea   per   rap   rep

r -   are   ear   era   err   rev   var

s -   ars   ers   ras   res   sae   sea   ser   vas

t -   art   ate   eat   eta   rat   ret   tae   tar   tav   tea   vat   vet

u -   eau   rue   vau

v -   ave   rev   var   vav

w -   awe   raw   vaw   wae   war

x -   axe   rax   rex   vex

y -   aye   ray   rya   rye   yar   yea

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