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Words formed from any letters in usages, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   assuage   sausage

d -   degauss

o -   gaseous

r -   arguses   saugers

s -   gausses

6 letters

a -   usages

b -   abuses   subsea

c -   causes   sauces

d -   gassed

e -   segues   usages

g -   gauges   usages

h -   gashes   gushes   saughs

i -   guises   gussie

k -   ukases

m -   amuses   assume   megass

n -   anuses   usneas

p -   pauses   upases

q -   squegs

r -   argues   assure   augers   gasser   sarges   sauger   sugars   surges   urases

s -   gasses   usages

t -   guests   gusset   sagest   sautes   stages   teguas

u -   usages

w -   swages

z -   gauzes

5 letters

a -   agues   gases   gauss   sagas   sages   usage

b -   abuse   bases   beaus   buses   sabes   subas

c -   ascus   cages   cases   casus   cause   sauce   scags

d -   assed   degas   egads   gauds   gudes   sades

e -   agues   eases   gases   guess   sages   segue   usage

f -   fuses   safes

g -   agues   gages   gases   gauge   gauss   guess   sages   usage

h -   ashes   saugh   shags   sheas   sughs

i -   aegis   guise   issue

k -   kagus   sakes   skags   skegs   skuas   ukase

l -   gales   glass   glues   gules   lases   luges   sales   sauls   seals   slags   slues   slugs

m -   amuse   games   gaums   geums   mages   magus   masse   mesas   muses   sagum   seams

n -   genua   genus   guans   negus   sanes   sensa   snags   snugs   usnea

o -   gesso   oases   sagos   segos   souse

p -   apses   gapes   gasps   pages   pases   passe   pause   peags   puses   spaes   spues   supes

q -   quags   quass   squeg

r -   agers   argue   argus   arses   auger   aures   gaurs   gears   grass   grues   guars   rages   rases   rugae   ruses   sager   sarge   sears   suers   sugar   suras   surge   urase   ureas   urges   ursae   users

s -   agues   asses   gases   gauss   guess   sages   usage

t -   asset   easts   gasts   gates   gests   getas   guest   gusts   sates   saute   seats   stage   stags   suets   tasse   tegua

u -   agues   gauss   guess   usage

v -   saves   suave   uveas   vague   vagus   vases

w -   swage   swags   wages

x -   saxes

y -   essay   gassy   gussy   yugas

z -   gauze   gazes

4 letters

a -   agas   ages   ague   asea   gaes   saga   sage   sags   seas

b -   bags   base   bass   beau   begs   bugs   buss   gabs   sabe   sabs   suba   subs

c -   aces   cage   case   cess   cues   cuss   ecus   sacs   scag   secs

d -   aged   dags   dues   dugs   egad   gads   gaed   gaud   geds   gude   sade   suds   sued   used

e -   agee   ages   ague   ease   eses   gaes   gees   sage   seas   sees   segs   sues   uses

f -   fags   fess   feus   fugs   fuse   fuss   safe

g -   ages   ague   eggs   gaes   gage   gags   sage   sags   segs

h -   gash   gush   haes   hags   hues   huge   hugs   sash   shag   shea   shes   sugh   ughs

i -   egis   gies   seis

j -   jags   jess   juga   jugs

k -   asks   auks   kaes   kagu   keas   kegs   kues   sake   skag   skas   skeg   skua   ukes

l -   ales   egal   gale   gals   gels   glue   guls   lags   lase   lass   leas   legs   less   lues   luge   lugs   sale   sals   saul   seal   sels   slag   slue   slug

m -   amus   emus   game   gams   gaum   gems   geum   gums   maes   mage   mags   mass   megs   mesa   mess   mugs   muse   muss   same   seam   smug   sums

n -   anes   anus   engs   gaen   gane   gaun   gens   genu   gnus   guan   guns   nags   ness   sane   sang   sans   snag   snug   sung   suns

o -   egos   goas   goes   oses   ossa   sago   sego   sous

p -   apes   apse   asps   gape   gaps   gasp   page   pase   pass   peag   peas   pegs   pugs   puss   saps   spae   spas   spue   supe   sups   upas

q -   quag   suqs

r -   ager   ares   arse   ears   eras   ergs   gars   gaur   gear   grue   guar   rage   rags   rase   regs   rues   ruga   rugs   ruse   sear   sera   sers   suer   sura   sure   urea   urge   ursa   user

s -   ages   gaes   sage   sags   sass   seas   segs   sues   suss   uses

t -   ates   east   eats   etas   gast   gate   gats   gest   geta   gets   gust   guts   sate   seat   seta   sets   stag   suet   tags   tass   taus   teas   tegs   tugs   utas

u -   ague   sues   uses

v -   aves   gave   guvs   save   uvea   vase   vaus   vugs

w -   awes   saws   sews   swag   waes   wage   wags   wuss

x -   axes   eaux

y -   ayes   easy   eyas   gays   guys   sagy   says   yeas   yuga

z -   gaze   zags

3 letters

a -   aas   aga   age   ass   eau   gae   gas   sae   sag   sau   sea

b -   abs   bag   bas   beg   bug   bus   gab   sab   sub

c -   ace   cue   ecu   sac   sec

d -   ads   dag   due   dug   eds   gad   ged   sad

e -   age   eau   ess   gae   gee   sae   sea   see   seg   sue   use

f -   efs   fag   fas   feu   fug

g -   age   egg   gae   gag   gas   sag   seg

h -   ash   hae   hag   has   hes   hue   hug   sha   she   ugh

i -   ais   gie   sei   sis

j -   jag   jeu   jug   jus

k -   ask   auk   kae   kas   kea   keg   kue   ska   uke

l -   ale   als   els   gal   gel   gul   lag   las   lea   leg   leu   lug   sal   sel

m -   amu   ems   emu   gam   gem   gum   mae   mag   mas   meg   mug   mus   sum

n -   ane   eng   ens   gan   gen   gnu   gun   nae   nag   nus   sen   sun   uns

o -   ago   ego   goa   gos   oes   ose   sos   sou

p -   ape   asp   gap   pas   pea   peg   pes   pug   pus   sap   spa   sup   ups

q -   qua   suq

r -   are   ars   ear   era   erg   ers   gar   rag   ras   reg   res   rue   rug   ser

s -   ass   ess   gas   sae   sag   sau   sea   seg   sue   use

t -   ate   eat   eta   gat   get   gut   sat   set   tae   tag   tas   tau   tea   teg   tug   uta   uts

u -   eau   sau   sue   use

v -   ave   guv   vas   vau   veg   vug

w -   awe   saw   sew   wae   wag   was

x -   axe   sax   sex

y -   aye   ays   gay   gey   guy   say   yea   yes

z -   zag

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