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Words formed from any letters in unsew, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

d -   sundew

i -   unwise

m -   unmews

n -   unsewn

s -   unsews

5 letters

a -   sewan   usnea   wanes   weans

d -   dunes   nudes   unwed   wends

e -   ensue   unsew   weens

g -   genus   negus   swung

h -   shewn   whens

i -   sinew   swine   wines

k -   neuks   nukes

l -   lunes

m -   menus   neums   unmew

n -   unsew

o -   enows   owsen   swoun

r -   nurse   runes   wrens

s -   unsew

t -   newts   tunes   unset

u -   unsew

v -   nevus

w -   unsew

x -   nexus   unsex

y -   newsy

4 letters

a -   anes   anew   anus   awes   awns   sane   sawn   snaw   swan   waes   wane   wans   wean

b -   bens   buns   nebs   nubs   snub   unbe   webs

c -   cues   ecus

d -   dens   dews   dues   dune   duns   ends   nude   send   sned   sued   unde   used   weds   wend

e -   ewes   news   seen   sene   sewn   ween   wees   wens

f -   fens   feus   funs   fuse

g -   engs   gens   genu   gnus   guns   snug   sung

h -   hens   hewn   hews   hues   huns   shew   shun   when

i -   sine   wine   wins   wise

j -   jews

k -   kens   knew   kues   kune   neuk   nuke   skew   sunk   ukes

l -   lens   lues   lune   slew   slue

m -   emus   menu   mews   muns   muse   neum   smew   swum

n -   news   nuns   sewn   sunn   wens

o -   enow   eons   noes   nose   nous   nows   ones   onus   owes   owns   owse   snow   sone   sown   woes   wons

p -   pens   pews   puns   spew   spue   spun   supe

r -   erns   rues   rune   runs   ruse   suer   sure   urns   user   wren

s -   ness   news   sewn   sews   sues   suns   uses   wens   wuss

t -   nest   nets   newt   nuts   sent   stew   stun   suet   tens   tews   tune   tuns   went   west   wets

w -   news   sewn   wens

y -   snye   syne   wyes   wyns   yens   yews

3 letters

a -   ane   awe   awn   eau   nae   naw   sae   sau   saw   sea   wae   wan   was

b -   ben   bun   bus   neb   nub   sub   web

c -   cue   ecu   sec

d -   den   dew   due   dun   eds   end   wed   wud

e -   ens   ewe   nee   new   see   sen   sew   sue   use   wee   wen

f -   efs   fen   feu   few   fun

g -   eng   gen   gnu   gun   seg

h -   hen   hes   hew   hue   hun   she

i -   ins   sei   sin   win   wis

j -   jeu   jew   jun   jus

k -   ken   kue   uke

l -   els   leu   sel

m -   ems   emu   men   mew   mun   mus   sum

n -   ens   new   nun   nus   sen   sun   uns   wen

o -   eon   nos   now   oes   one   ons   ose   owe   own   son   sou   sow   woe   won   wos

p -   pen   pes   pew   pun   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   ern   ers   res   rue   run   ser   urn

s -   ens   ess   nus   sen   sew   sue   sun   uns   use

t -   net   nut   set   ten   tew   tun   uts   wet

u -   nus   sue   sun   uns   use

w -   new   sew   wen

x -   sex

y -   syn   wye   wyn   yen   yes   yew

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