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Words formed from any letters in unhood, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

s -   unhoods

6 letters

a -   dahoon

d -   unhood

h -   unhood

k -   unhook

n -   unhood

o -   unhood

r -   honour

s -   hounds   nodous   unshod

u -   unhood

v -   vodoun

5 letters

a -   honda

b -   bound

c -   codon   condo   dunch

d -   hound

e -   honed   odeon   oohed

f -   fondu   found

g -   dough

h -   hound

m -   duomo   mondo   mound

n -   hound

o -   hound

p -   phono   pound

r -   donor   honor   odour   rondo   round

s -   hoods   nodus   shoon   snood   sound

t -   donut   outdo   tondo

u -   hound

v -   vodun

w -   nohow   wound

y -   hoody

z -   nudzh

4 letters

a -   dona   hand

b -   bond   boon   bund   hobo

c -   chon   coho   coon   ouch   unco

d -   dodo   hood   undo

e -   done   dune   hoed   hone   hued   node   nude   ohed   unde

f -   fohn   fond   food   fund   hoof

g -   dong   dung   good   goon   hong   hung

h -   hood   hunh

i -   hind   nodi

j -   dojo   john   judo

k -   dunk   honk   hook   hunk   kudo   nook

l -   hold   loon   loud   nolo

m -   doom   doum   homo   mono   mood   moon   muon

n -   noon   noun   undo

o -   hood   undo

p -   hoop   ouph   phon   pond   pood   pooh   poon   updo   upon

q -   quod

r -   door   dour   durn   duro   horn   hour   nurd   odor   ordo   rood

s -   dons   duns   duos   hods   hons   huns   nods   nosh   nous   onus   oohs   ouds   shod   shoo   shun   soon   udos

t -   doth   dunt   hoot   hunt   onto   thou   thud   toon   unto

u -   undo

w -   dhow   down   wood

x -   doux

y -   undy   yodh   yond

z -   ouzo   zoon

3 letters

a -   ado   and   dah   had   hao   nah

b -   bod   boo   bud   bun   dub   hob   hub   nob   nub

c -   cod   con   coo   cud   doc

d -   don   dud   duh   dun   duo   hod   nod   odd   oud   udo

e -   den   doe   due   edh   end   eon   hen   hoe   hue   ode   one

f -   foh   fon   fou   fud   fun

g -   dog   dug   gnu   god   goo   gun   hog   hug   nog   ugh

h -   duh   hod   hon   huh   hun   noh   oho   ooh

i -   din   dui   hid   hin   ion

j -   jun

l -   dol   loo   old

m -   dom   hum   mho   mod   mon   moo   mud   mun   nom   ohm

n -   don   dun   hon   hun   nod   noh   noo   nun

o -   don   duo   hod   hon   nod   noh   noo   oho   ooh   oud   udo

p -   dup   hop   hup   pod   poh   pud   pun   upo

r -   dor   nor   our   rho   rod   run   urd   urn

s -   dos   nos   nus   ods   ohs   ons   sod   son   sou   sun   uns

t -   dot   hot   hut   not   nth   nut   oot   out   tho   tod   ton   too   tun

u -   duh   dun   duo   hun   oud   udo

w -   dow   how   now   own   who   won   woo   wud

x -   oxo

y -   hoy   yod   yon   you

z -   zoo

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