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Words formed from any letters in unhitch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

g -   hutching

7 letters

c -   unhitch

g -   chuting

h -   unhitch

i -   unhitch

n -   unhitch

t -   unhitch

u -   unhitch

6 letters

a -   canthi   chaunt   haunch   nautch   tunica

c -   chinch   unchic

d -   induct

e -   ethnic

i -   chitin

l -   incult

o -   chiton

q -   quitch

r -   urchin

s -   chints   cutins   schuit   snitch   tunics

u -   tuchun

z -   chintz

5 letters

a -   actin   aitch   antic   chain   chant   china   hatch   haunt   natch   nucha   uncia   unhat

b -   bitch   bunch   butch   cubit

c -   cinch   cutch   cutin   hitch   hunch   hutch   tunic

d -   dhuti   ditch   dunch   dutch

e -   centu   cheth   chine   chute   cutie   ethic   heuch   niche   tench   teuch   thein   thine   unite   untie

f -   fichu   finch   fitch   unfit

g -   cuing   hight   night   thigh   thing

h -   hitch   hunch   hutch

i -   cutin   hitch   tunic

k -   chink   chunk   thick   think   thunk

l -   culti   licht   lunch   unlit   until

m -   cumin   humic   mucin   munch   mutch

n -   cutin   hunch   ninth   tunic

o -   chino   count   couth   hotch   notch   ontic   tonic   touch

p -   input   pinch   pitch   punch   unhip

q -   quint

r -   churn   incur   runic   rutin

s -   chins   chits   cuish   cunts   cutis   hints   hunts   ictus   incus   shunt   stich   suint   thins   units

t -   cutin   hitch   hutch   tinct   tunic

u -   cutin   hunch   hutch   tunic   uncut

w -   unwit   which   winch   witch

y -   itchy   unity

4 letters

a -   anti   aunt   cain   cant   chat   chia   hant   hath   haut   tach   tain   than   tuna   unai

b -   bhut   bint   bunt   chub

c -   chic   chin   chit   cunt   huic   inch   itch   unci

d -   chid   dint   duci   duct   duit   dunt   hind   thud

e -   cent   cine   cite   cute   etch   etic   etui   hent   heth   nice   nite   then   tine   tune

f -   cuif   fuci

g -   chug   high   hung   nigh   thug   ting   tung

h -   chin   chit   hint   huic   hunh   hunt   inch   itch   thin

i -   chin   chit   hint   huic   inch   inti   itch   thin   unci   unit

k -   hick   huck   hunk   kith   knit   nick   tick   tuck

l -   clit   cult   hilt   lich   lint   litu   lunt

m -   chum   mint   much   muni

n -   chin   cunt   hint   hunh   hunt   inch   thin   unci   unit

o -   chon   cion   coin   coni   icon   into   otic   ouch   thio   thou   unco   unto

p -   chip   phut   pint   pith   punt

q -   quin   quit

r -   curn   curt   hurt   rich   ruin   runt   ruth   thir   thru   turn   uric

s -   chis   cist   cuts   hins   hisn   hist   hits   huns   hush   huts   ichs   nits   nuts   scut   shin   shit   shun   shut   sinh   sith   snit   stun   such   suit   this   thus   tics   tins   tuis   tuns   tush

t -   chit   cunt   hint   hunt   itch   thin   tint   unit

u -   cunt   huic   hunh   hunt   unci   unit

w -   twin   whin   whit   wich   with

y -   city   tiny   tyin   yuch

z -   zinc

3 letters

a -   act   ain   ait   ani   ant   can   cat   hah   hat   nah   tan   tau   uta

b -   bin   bit   bun   but   cub   hub   nib   nub   tub

c -   chi   cut   hic   ich   tic

d -   cud   din   dit   duh   dui   dun   hid

e -   cue   ecu   eth   heh   hen   het   hie   hue   ice   net   ten   the   tie

f -   fin   fit   fun

g -   cig   ghi   gin   git   gnu   gun   gut   hug   tug   ugh

h -   chi   hic   hin   hit   huh   hun   hut   ich   nth

i -   chi   hic   hin   hit   ich   nit   tic   tin   tui

j -   jin   jun   jut

k -   ick   ink   khi   kin   kit

l -   lin   lit   nil   til

m -   cum   him   hum   mun   mut   nim

n -   hin   hun   inn   nit   nth   nun   nut   tin   tun

o -   con   cot   hon   hot   ion   noh   not   out   tho   ton

p -   cup   hip   hup   nip   phi   pht   pic   pin   pit   piu   pun   put   tip   tup

r -   cur   rin   run   rut   urn

s -   cis   his   ins   its   nus   shh   sic   sin   sit   sun   tis   uns   uts

t -   cut   hit   hut   nit   nth   nut   tic   tin   tit   tui   tun   tut

u -   cut   huh   hun   hut   nut   tui   tun

w -   win   wit

x -   nix   tux

y -   icy   thy   yin

z -   zin   zit

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