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Words formed from any letters in unchic, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

c -   unchic

h -   chinch   unchic

i -   unchic

l -   clinch

n -   unchic

o -   cochin

p -   hiccup

r -   crunch   urchin

u -   unchic

5 letters

a -   chain   china   nucha   uncia

b -   bunch   cubic

c -   cinch

d -   dunch

e -   chine   niche

f -   fichu   finch

g -   cuing

h -   cinch   hunch

i -   cinch

k -   chick   chink   chuck   chunk

l -   culch   lunch

m -   cumin   humic   mucin   munch

n -   cinch

o -   chico   chino   conch   conic   couch

p -   pinch   punch   unhip

r -   churn   curch   incur   runic

s -   chics   chins   cuish   incus

t -   cutch   cutin   tunic

w -   winch

y -   cynic   yucch

4 letters

a -   cain   chia   unai

b -   chub

c -   chic   chin   huic   inch   unci

d -   chid   duci   hind

e -   cine   nice

f -   cuif   fuci

g -   chug   hung   nigh

h -   chic   chin   huic   hunh   inch

i -   chic   chin   huic   inch   unci

k -   hick   huck   hunk   nick

l -   lich

m -   chum   much   muni

n -   chin   inch   unci

o -   chon   cion   coin   coni   icon   ouch   unco

p -   chip

q -   quin

r -   curn   rich   ruin   uric

s -   chis   hins   hisn   huns   ichs   shin   shun   sinh   such

t -   chit   cunt   hint   hunt   itch   thin   unit

u -   huic   unci

w -   whin   wich

y -   yuch

z -   zinc

3 letters

a -   ain   ani   can   nah

b -   bin   bun   cub   hub   nib   nub

c -   chi   hic   ich

d -   cud   din   duh   dui   dun   hid

e -   cue   ecu   hen   hie   hue   ice

f -   fin   fun

g -   cig   ghi   gin   gnu   gun   hug   ugh

h -   chi   hic   hin   huh   hun   ich

i -   chi   hic   hin   ich

j -   jin   jun

k -   ick   ink   khi   kin

l -   lin   nil

m -   cum   him   hum   mun   nim

n -   hin   hun   inn   nun

o -   con   hon   ion   noh

p -   cup   hip   hup   nip   phi   pic   pin   piu   pun

r -   cur   rin   run   urn

s -   cis   his   ins   nus   sic   sin   sun   uns

t -   cut   hit   hut   nit   nth   nut   tic   tin   tui   tun

u -   hun

w -   win

x -   nix

y -   icy   yin

z -   zin

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