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Words formed from any letters in umps, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   pumas

b -   bumps

d -   dumps

e -   spume

h -   humps

j -   jumps

l -   lumps   plums   slump

m -   mumps

p -   pumps

r -   rumps

s -   sumps

t -   stump   tumps

y -   spumy

4 letters

a -   amps   amus   maps   pams   puma   samp   spam   upas

b -   bump   bums   pubs

c -   cups   cusp   scum   scup

d -   dump   dups   muds   puds   spud

e -   emus   muse   spue   supe

g -   gums   mugs   pugs   smug

h -   hump   hums   mush   push

i -   imps   simp

j -   jump

k -   musk

l -   lump   lums   plum   plus   puls   slum

m -   mump   mums   sump   umps

n -   muns   puns   spun

o -   mops   opus   poms   soup   sumo

p -   pump   pups   sump   umps

r -   purs   rump   rums   spur

s -   muss   puss   sump   sums   sups   umps

t -   must   muts   puts   smut   stum   tump   tups

u -   sump   umps

w -   swum

y -   yups

3 letters

a -   amp   amu   asp   map   mas   pam   pas   sap   sau   spa

b -   bum   bus   pub   sub

c -   cum   cup

d -   dup   mud   pud

e -   ems   emu   pes   sue   use

g -   gum   mug   pug

h -   hum   hup

i -   imp   ism   mis   pis   piu   psi   sim   sip

j -   jus

l -   lum   pul

m -   mum   mus   sum   umm   ump

n -   mun   nus   pun   sun   uns

o -   mop   mos   oms   ops   pom   som   sop   sou   upo

p -   pup   pus   sup   ump   ups

q -   suq

r -   pur   rum

s -   mus   pus   sum   sup   ups

t -   mut   put   tup   uts

u -   mus   pus   sum   sup   ump   ups

y -   spy   yum   yup

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