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Words formed from any letters in udder, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b - budder   redbud  

c - curded  

g - drudge  

n - durned  

j - judder  

m - mudder  

r - rudder  

l - ruddle  

s - udders  

5 letters

a - adder   dared   dread   readd  

b - redub  

c - crude   cured  

d - duded   dured   udder  

e - dreed   dured   reded   udder  

g - urged  

i - dried   druid   redid  

k - duked  

l - lured   ruled  

m - demur   mured  

n - nuder   under  

o - odder   uredo  

p - drupe   duped   duper   perdu   prude  

r - dured   ruder   udder  

s - druse   dudes   dures   redds   rudds  

t - trued  

u - dured   udder  

x - redux  

y - ruddy  

4 letters

a - dare   dead   dear   duad   dura   read   urea  

b - bedu   bred   burd   drub   rube  

c - crud   cued   curd   cure   duce   ecru  

d - dude   dure   redd   rudd   rude   rued  

e - deed   deer   dere   dree   dude   dure   redd   rede   reed   rude   rued  

f - feud  

g - dreg   drug   grue   gude   urge  

h - herd   hued  

i - died   dire   ired   ride  

k - drek   duke  

l - duel   leud   lude   lure   rule  

m - derm   drum   mure  

n - dune   durn   nerd   nude   nurd   rend   rune   unde  

o - doer   dore   dour   duro   eddo   euro   redo   rode   roue  

p - dupe   pure  

r - dure   durr   redd   rudd   rude   rued   ruer  

s - duds   dues   reds   rues   ruse   sudd   sued   suer   surd   sure   urds   used   user  

t - duet   true   turd  

u - dude   dure   rudd   rude   rued  

w - drew  

y - dyed   dyer   eddy  

3 letters

a - add   are   dad   ear   eau   era   rad  

b - bed   bud   bur   deb   dub   reb   rub   urb  

c - cud   cue   cur   ecu   rec  

d - dud   due   red   urd  

e - dee   due   ere   red   ree   rue  

f - fed   fer   feu   fud   fur   ref  

g - dug   erg   ged   reg   rug  

h - duh   edh   her   hue  

i - did   die   dui   ire   rei   rid  

j - jeu  

k - kue   uke  

l - del   eld   led   leu  

m - emu   med   mud   rem   rum  

n - den   dun   end   ern   run   urn  

o - doe   dor   duo   odd   ode   ore   oud   our   rod   roe   udo  

p - dup   ped   per   pud   pur   rep  

r - err   red   rue   urd  

s - eds   ers   res   ser   sue   use  

t - ret   rut   ted  

u - dud   due   rue   urd  

v - dev   rev  

w - dew   wed   wud  

x - dex   rex  

y - dey   dry   dye   rye  

z - zed  

Some random words

dimwit ifs kaas inurbane aal tmeses

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