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Words formed from any letters in tzitzis, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

e -   tizzies

i -   tzitzis

s -   tzitzis

t -   tzitzis   tzitzit

z -   tzitzis

6 letters

h -   zizith

o -   otitis

5 letters

b -   bitts

i -   titis   zitis   zizit

k -   tikis

l -   stilt   tilts

m -   mitis   mitts

n -   intis   stint   tints

o -   toits

p -   spitz   tipis

s -   titis   zitis

t -   titis   zitis   zizit

v -   visit

w -   twist   twits

y -   tizzy

z -   zitis   zizit

4 letters

a -   aits   sati   stat   tats

b -   bits   bitt   ibis

c -   cist   tics

d -   dits   ditz

e -   sett   site   size   stet   test   tets   ties   zest

f -   fist   fits   fizz   sift

g -   gist   gits   zigs

h -   hist   hits   shit   sith   this

i -   titi   tits   ziti   zits

k -   kist   kits   skit   tiki

l -   list   lits   silt   slit   tils   tilt

m -   mist   mitt   smit

n -   inti   nisi   nits   snit   tins   tint   zins

o -   toit   tost   tots

p -   pits   spit   tipi   tips   zips

r -   iris   ritz   stir

s -   sits   tits   zits

t -   titi   tits   ziti   zits

u -   suit   tuis   tuts

w -   iwis   twit   wist   wits

y -   sizy

z -   ziti   zits

3 letters

a -   ais   ait   att   sat   tas   tat

b -   bis   bit   biz   sib

c -   cis   sic   tic

d -   dis   dit   ids

e -   sei   set   tet   tie

f -   fit   fiz   ifs

g -   git   zig

h -   his   hit

i -   its   sit   tis   tit   zit

k -   kit   ski   tsk

l -   lis   lit   til

m -   ism   mis   sim

n -   ins   nit   sin   tin   zin

o -   sot   tot

p -   pis   pit   psi   sip   tip   zip

r -   sir   sri

s -   its   sis   sit   tis

t -   its   sit   tis   tit   zit

u -   tui   tut   uts

v -   vis

w -   wis   wit   wiz

x -   six   xis

y -   sty

z -   zit

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