More Words

Words formed from any letters in tush, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

b -   bhuts

d -   thuds

e -   shute

g -   thugs

m -   musth

n -   hunts   shunt

o -   shout   south   thous

p -   phuts

r -   hurst   hurts   ruths

s -   shuts

y -   tushy

4 letters

a -   hast   hats   haut   shat   taus   utas

b -   bhut   bush   bust   buts   hubs   stub   tubs

c -   cuts   scut   such

d -   dust   stud   thud

e -   eths   hest   hets   hues   suet

g -   gush   gust   guts   hugs   sugh   thug   tugs   ughs

h -   hush   huts   shut   thus   tush

i -   hist   hits   shit   sith   suit   this   tuis

j -   just   juts

k -   husk   tusk

l -   lush   lust   shul   slut

m -   hums   mush   must   muts   smut   stum

n -   huns   hunt   nuts   shun   stun   tuns

o -   host   hots   oust   outs   shot   soth   thou   tosh

p -   phut   push   puts   tups

r -   hurt   rhus   rush   rust   ruth   ruts   thru

s -   huts   shut   thus   tush

t -   huts   shut   thus   tush   tuts

u -   huts   shut   thus   tush

3 letters

a -   ash   has   hat   sat   sau   sha   tas   tau   uta

b -   bus   but   hub   sub   tub

c -   cut

d -   duh

e -   eth   hes   het   hue   set   she   sue   the   use

g -   gut   hug   tug   ugh

h -   huh   hut   shh

i -   his   hit   its   sit   tis   tui

j -   jus   jut

k -   tsk

m -   hum   mus   mut   sum

n -   hun   nth   nus   nut   sun   tun   uns

o -   hot   ohs   out   sot   sou   tho

p -   hup   pht   pus   put   sup   tup   ups

q -   suq

r -   rut

s -   uts

t -   hut   tut   uts

u -   hut   uts

x -   tux

y -   shy   sty   thy

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