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Words formed from any letters in tungs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

r -   grunts   strung

5 letters

a -   angst   aunts   gaunt   gnats   guans   stang   tangs   tunas

b -   bungs   bunts

c -   cunts

d -   dungs   dunts

e -   gents   genus   guest   negus   tunes   unset

g -   stung   tungs

h -   hunts   shunt   thugs

i -   sting   suing   suint   tings   units   using

k -   gunks   stunk

l -   gluts   lungs   lunts   slung

n -   stung   tungs

o -   gouts   gusto   snout   tongs   tonus   ungot

p -   pungs   punts

r -   grunt   rungs   runts   trugs   turns

s -   gusts   snugs   stung   stuns   tungs

t -   stung   stunt   tungs

u -   stung   tungs

w -   swung

y -   gusty   gutsy   nutsy

4 letters

a -   ants   anus   aunt   gast   gats   gaun   gnat   guan   nags   sang   snag   stag   tags   tang   tans   taus   tuna   utas

b -   bugs   bung   buns   bunt   bust   buts   nubs   snub   stub   tubs

c -   cunt   cuts   scut

d -   dugs   dung   duns   dunt   dust   stud

e -   engs   gens   gent   genu   gest   gets   nest   nets   sent   suet   tegs   tens   tune

f -   fugs   funs

g -   gnus   guns   gust   guts   snug   sung   tugs   tung

h -   gush   hugs   hung   huns   hunt   huts   shun   shut   sugh   thug   thus   tush   ughs

i -   gins   gist   gits   nits   sign   sing   snit   suit   ting   tins   tuis   unit

j -   jugs   just   juts

k -   gunk   sunk   tusk

l -   glut   guls   lugs   lung   lunt   lust   slug   slut

m -   gums   mugs   muns   must   muts   smug   smut   stum

n -   gnus   guns   nuns   nuts   snug   stun   sung   sunn   tung   tuns

o -   gout   nogs   nous   onus   oust   outs   snog   snot   song   togs   tong   tons   unto

p -   pugs   pung   puns   punt   puts   spun   tups

r -   rugs   rung   runs   runt   rust   ruts   trug   turn   urns

s -   gnus   guns   gust   guts   nuts   snug   stun   sung   suns   tugs   tuns

t -   gust   guts   nuts   stun   tugs   tung   tuns   tuts

u -   gnus   guns   gust   guts   nuts   snug   stun   sung   tugs   tung   tuns

v -   guvs   vugs

y -   guys

3 letters

a -   ant   gan   gas   gat   nag   sag   sat   sau   tag   tan   tas   tau   uta

b -   bug   bun   bus   but   nub   sub   tub

c -   cut

d -   dug   dun

e -   eng   ens   gen   get   net   seg   sen   set   sue   teg   ten   use

f -   fug   fun

g -   gnu   gun   gut   tug

h -   hug   hun   hut   nth   ugh

i -   gin   git   ins   its   nit   sin   sit   tin   tis   tui

j -   jug   jun   jus   jut

k -   tsk

l -   gul   lug

m -   gum   mug   mun   mus   mut   sum

n -   gnu   gun   nun   nus   nut   sun   tun   uns

o -   gos   got   nog   nos   not   ons   out   son   sot   sou   tog   ton

p -   pug   pun   pus   put   sup   tup   ups

q -   suq

r -   rug   run   rut   urn

s -   nus   sun   uns   uts

t -   gut   nut   tug   tun   tut   uts

u -   gnu   gun   gut   nus   nut   sun   tug   tun   uns   uts

v -   guv   vug

x -   tux

y -   guy   sty   syn

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