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Words formed from any letters in trolly, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

e -   trolley

6 letters

a -   orally

b -   brolly

d -   drolly   drylot   lordly

e -   toller

l -   trolly

o -   trolly

p -   portly   protyl

r -   trolly

s -   stroll   tolyls   trolls

t -   trolly   trotyl

u -   toluyl

y -   trolly

5 letters

a -   allot   alloy   atoll   loral   loyal   lyart   rally   royal   tally   tolar

b -   borty

c -   colly   octyl

d -   dolly   dorty   droll

e -   telly   toyer

f -   folly   forty   lofty

g -   glory   golly

h -   holly   hotly

i -   lirot   roily   trill   triol

j -   jolly   jolty

l -   lolly   tolyl   troll

m -   molly

o -   rooty   tolyl   troll

r -   lorry   troll

s -   rolls   rotls   ryots   story   stroy   tolls   troys   tyros

t -   tolyl   troll

u -   loury   trull   truly

w -   lowly

x -   xylol

y -   tolyl

z -   zloty

4 letters

a -   ally   alto   arty   aryl   lota   olla   oral   rato   rota   tall   taro   tola   tora   tray

b -   blot   boll   bolt   bort   byrl   orby   toby

c -   clot   cloy   colt   coly   cory   torc

d -   doll   dolt   dory   doty   lord   odyl   oldy   tody   told   trod

e -   lore   lyre   orle   oyer   rely   role   rote   tell   tole   tore   trey   tyer   tyre   yell   yore

f -   fort   loft   rolf

g -   gory   grot   gyro   logy   orgy

h -   holt   holy   loth   thro

i -   illy   lilt   lily   loti   oily   rill   riot   roil   roti   till   tirl   tiro   toil   tori   trio   yill

j -   jolt

k -   yolk

l -   loll   lory   roll   rotl   toll

m -   moll   molt   moly   mort

n -   lorn   only   tony   torn

o -   loot   lory   roll   root   rotl   roto   ryot   toll   tool   toro   tory   toyo   troy   tyro

p -   plot   ploy   poll   poly   port   ropy   trop   typo

r -   lory   roll   rotl   ryot   torr   tory   troy   tyro

s -   lost   lots   orts   rosy   rots   slot   sort   tors   toys

t -   rotl   ryot   toll   tort   tory   trot   troy   tyro

u -   lour   lout   rout   ruly   tolu   tour   your   yurt

v -   volt

w -   towy   trow   wort   yowl

x -   oryx

y -   lory   ryot   tory   troy   tyro

3 letters

a -   all   alt   art   lar   lat   lay   oar   oat   ora   rat   ray   rya   tao   tar   yar

b -   bot   boy   bro   lob   orb   rob   yob

c -   col   cor   cot   coy   cry   orc   roc

d -   dol   dor   dot   dry   old   rod   tod   yod

e -   ell   let   ley   lye   ole   ore   ret   roe   rye   tel   toe   tye   yet

f -   fly   for   foy   fro   fry   oft

g -   gor   got   goy   log   tog

h -   hot   hoy   rho   tho   thy

i -   ill   lit   oil   til

j -   jot   joy

k -   kor   yok

l -   lot

m -   mol   mor   mot   rom   tom   yom

n -   nor   not   ton   yon

o -   loo   lot   oot   ort   rot   too   tor   toy

p -   lop   opt   ply   pol   pot   pro   pry   top

r -   ort   rot   tor   try

s -   ors   sly   sol   sot   soy   sty

t -   lot   ort   rot   tor   tot   toy   try

u -   our   out   rut   you

w -   low   owl   row   tow   two   wot   wry   yow

x -   lox   oxy

y -   toy   try

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