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Words formed from any letters in trick, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   ticker

s -   strick   tricks

y -   tricky

5 letters

a -   krait   track   traik   triac

b -   brick

c -   crick   trick

e -   citer   icker   kiter   recti   trice   trike

h -   chirk   thick

i -   trick

k -   trick

o -   toric   trock

p -   prick

r -   trick

s -   ricks   skirt   stick   stirk   ticks

t -   trick

u -   truck

w -   wrick

4 letters

a -   airt   cark   cart   ikat   kart   rack   raki   tack

b -   birk   brit   crib

c -   rick   tick

d -   dick   dirk   dirt

e -   cire   cite   etic   keir   kier   kite   reck   rice   rite   tier   tike   tire   trek

f -   frit   rift

g -   girt   grit   trig

h -   chit   hick   itch   kith   rich   thir

i -   rick   tick   tiki

k -   kick   kirk   rick   tick

l -   clit   kilt   lick   tirl

m -   mick   mirk   trim

n -   kirn   knit   nick   rink

o -   coir   cork   otic   riot   rock   roti   tiro   torc   tori   trio

p -   pick   trip

r -   rick

s -   cist   cris   irks   kirs   kist   kits   kris   risk   sick   skit   stir   tics

t -   tick

u -   curt   ruck   tuck   turk   uric

w -   wick   writ

y -   city   icky

z -   ritz

3 letters

a -   act   air   ait   arc   ark   art   car   cat   kat   rat   ria   tar

b -   bit   rib

c -   ick   tic

d -   dit   kid   rid

e -   ice   ire   rec   rei   ret   tie

f -   fir   fit   kif   rif

g -   cig   git   rig

h -   chi   hic   hit   ich   khi

i -   ick   irk   kir   kit   tic

k -   ick   irk   kir   kit

l -   ilk   lit   til

m -   mir   rim

n -   ink   kin   nit   rin   tin

o -   cor   cot   koi   kor   orc   ort   roc   rot   tor

p -   kip   pic   pit   rip   tip

r -   irk   kir

s -   cis   its   sic   sir   sit   ski   sri   tis   tsk

t -   kit   tic   tit

u -   cur   cut   rut   tui

w -   wit

y -   cry   icy   try

z -   zit

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