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Words formed from any letters in tough, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   bought

d -   dought

f -   fought

h -   though

n -   hognut   nought

r -   trough

s -   oughts   sought   toughs

y -   toughy

5 letters

a -   aught   ghaut

b -   bough

c -   cough   couth   touch

d -   dough

e -   teugh   togue

g -   ought   tough

h -   ought   tough

l -   ghoul   glout   lough

m -   mouth

n -   thong   ungot

o -   ought   outgo   tough

q -   quoth

r -   grout   rough   routh

s -   ghost   gouts   gusto   shout   sough   south   thous   thugs

t -   ought   tough

u -   ought   tough

y -   gouty   guyot   youth

4 letters

a -   auto   ghat   goat   haut   oath   toga

b -   bhut   both   bout

c -   chug   ouch

d -   doth   thud

e -   huge

f -   tofu

g -   gout   hogg   thug

h -   thou   thug

i -   thio

l -   glut   holt   loth   lout   tolu

m -   moth

n -   hong   hung   hunt   tong   tung   unto

o -   gout   hoot   thou

p -   ouph   phot   phut   pout   pugh   toph

r -   grot   hour   hurt   rout   ruth   thro   thru   tour   trug

s -   gosh   gush   gust   guts   hogs   host   hots   hugs   huts   oust   outs   shog   shot   shut   soth   sugh   thus   togs   tosh   tugs   tush   ughs

t -   gout   thou   thug   tout

u -   gout   thou   thug

v -   vugh

y -   yogh

3 letters

a -   ago   gat   goa   hag   hao   hat   oat   tag   tao   tau   uta

b -   bog   bot   bug   but   gob   hob   hub   tub

c -   cog   cot   cut

d -   dog   dot   dug   duh   duo   god   hod   oud   tod   udo

e -   ego   eth   get   het   hoe   hue   teg   the   toe

f -   fog   foh   fou   fug   oft

g -   got   gut   hog   hug   tog   tug   ugh

h -   hog   hot   hug   huh   hut   tho   ugh

i -   ghi   git   hit   tui

j -   jog   jot   jug   jut

l -   gul   log   lot   lug

m -   gum   hum   mho   mog   mot   mug   mut   ohm   tom

n -   gnu   gun   hon   hun   nog   noh   not   nth   nut   ton   tun

o -   goo   got   hog   hot   oho   ooh   oot   out   tho   tog   too

p -   hop   hup   opt   pht   poh   pot   pug   put   top   tup   upo

r -   gor   ort   our   rho   rot   rug   rut   tor

s -   gos   ohs   sot   sou   uts

t -   got   gut   hot   hut   out   tho   tog   tot   tug   tut

u -   gut   hug   hut   out   tug   ugh

v -   guv   vug

w -   how   tow   two   who   wog   wot

x -   gox   tux

y -   goy   guy   hoy   thy   toy   you

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