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Words formed from any letters in tool, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

c -   cloot

m -   molto

s -   loots   lotos   sotol   stool   tools

t -   lotto

4 letters

a -   alto   lota   tola

b -   blot   bolo   bolt   boot   lobo   obol

c -   clot   colt   cool   coot   loco

d -   dolt   told

e -   oleo   tole

f -   fool   foot   loft   loof

g -   logo

h -   holt   hoot   loth

i -   loti   olio   toil

j -   jolt

k -   kolo   koto   look   took

l -   loot   toll   tool

m -   loom   molt   mool   moot   toom

n -   loon   nolo   onto   toon

o -   loot   tool

p -   loop   plot   polo   pool

r -   root   rotl   roto   toro

s -   loos   lost   lots   oots   slot   solo   soot

t -   loot   otto   tool   toot

u -   lout   tolu

v -   volt

w -   wool

y -   toyo

3 letters

a -   alt   lat   oat   tao

b -   boo   bot   lob

c -   col   coo   cot

d -   dol   dot   old   tod

e -   let   ole   tel   toe

f -   oft

g -   goo   got   log   tog

h -   hot   oho   ooh   tho

i -   lit   oil   til

j -   jot

l -   loo   lot

m -   mol   moo   mot   tom

n -   noo   not   ton

o -   loo   lot   oot   too

p -   lop   opt   pol   pot   top

r -   ort   rot   tor

s -   sol   sot

t -   lot   oot   too   tot

u -   out

w -   low   owl   tow   two   woo   wot

x -   lox   oxo

y -   toy

z -   zoo

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