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Words formed from any letters in toms, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   atoms   moats   stoma

b -   tombs

e -   moste   motes   smote   tomes

h -   moths

i -   moist   omits

l -   molts   smolt

o -   moots

p -   stomp

r -   morts   storm

s -   mosts

t -   motts

4 letters

a -   atom   mast   mats   moas   moat   oast   oats   soma   stoa   tams   taos

b -   bots   mobs   stob   tomb

c -   cost   cots   mocs   scot

d -   doms   dost   dots   mods   tods

e -   mote   some   stem   toes   tome

f -   soft

g -   mogs   smog   togs

h -   host   hots   mhos   mosh   moth   ohms   shmo   shot   soth   tosh

i -   miso   mist   omit   smit

j -   jots

k -   mosk

l -   lost   lots   mols   molt   slot

m -   moms   most   mots   toms

n -   mons   noms   snot   tons

o -   moos   moot   most   mots   oots   soot   toms   toom

p -   mops   opts   poms   post   pots   spot   stop   tops

r -   mors   mort   orts   roms   rots   sort   tors

s -   moss   most   mots   sots   toms   toss

t -   most   mots   mott   toms   tost   tots

u -   must   muts   oust   outs   smut   stum   sumo

w -   mows   stow   swot   tows   twos   wost   wots

y -   toys

3 letters

a -   mas   mat   moa   oat   sat   tam   tao   tas

b -   bos   bot   mob   sob

c -   cos   cot   moc

d -   dom   dos   dot   mod   ods   sod   tod

e -   ems   met   oes   ose   set   toe

f -   oft

g -   gos   got   mog   tog

h -   hot   mho   ohm   ohs   tho

i -   ism   its   mis   sim   sit   tis

j -   jot

k -   kos   tsk

l -   lot   mol   sol

m -   mom   mos   mot   oms   som   tom

n -   mon   nom   nos   not   ons   son   ton

o -   moo   mos   mot   oms   oot   som   sot   tom   too

p -   mop   ops   opt   pom   pot   sop   top

r -   mor   ors   ort   rom   rot   tor

s -   mos   oms   som   sos   sot

t -   mot   sot   tom   tot

u -   mus   mut   out   sou   sum   uts

w -   mow   sow   tow   two   wos   wot

x -   sox

y -   soy   sty   toy   yom

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