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Words formed from any letters in thine, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   henbit

c -   ethnic

d -   hinted

e -   theine

o -   ethion

r -   hinter

s -   theins

w -   whiten

z -   zenith

5 letters

a -   entia   neath   tenia   thane   tinea

c -   chine   ethic   niche   tench

d -   teind   tined

e -   thein   thine

f -   feint   thief

g -   eight   hinge   neigh   night   thegn   thing   tinge

h -   thein   thine

i -   thein   thine

k -   kithe   think

l -   elint   inlet   lithe

m -   hemin

n -   ninth   thein   thine

p -   inept

r -   inert   inter   ither   niter   nitre   their   trine

s -   heist   hents   hints   inset   neist   nites   senti   shent   shine   stein   thens   thins   tines

t -   tenth   thein   thine   tithe

u -   unite   untie

w -   twine   whine   white   withe

4 letters

a -   ante   anti   eath   etna   haen   haet   hant   hate   heat   neat   tain   thae   than

b -   bent   beth   bine   bint   bite

c -   cent   chin   chit   cine   cite   etch   etic   inch   itch   nice

d -   deni   dent   diet   dine   dint   dite   edit   hide   hied   hind   nide   tend   tide   tied

e -   hent   nite   teen   thee   then   tine

f -   fine   heft   neif

g -   gent   gien   nigh   ting

h -   hent   heth   hint   then   thin

i -   hint   inti   nite   thin   tine

k -   hike   kent   khet   kine   kite   kith   knit   tike

l -   elhi   heil   hilt   lent   lien   line   lint   lite   tile

m -   emit   item   meth   mien   mine   mint   mite   them   time

n -   hent   hint   nine   nite   then   thin   tine

o -   hone   into   note   thio   tone

p -   pein   pent   pine   pint   pith

r -   heir   hern   hire   rein   rent   rite   tern   thir   tier   tire

s -   eths   hens   hest   hets   hies   hins   hisn   hist   hits   nest   nets   nits   sent   shin   shit   sine   sinh   site   sith   snit   tens   this   ties   tins

t -   hent   hint   nett   nite   tent   teth   then   thin   tine   tint

u -   etui   hunt   tune   unit

v -   hive   nevi   vein   vent   vine

w -   hewn   newt   thew   twin   went   when   whet   whin   whit   wine   wite   with

x -   exit   next   nixe

y -   hyte   they   tiny   tyin   tyne   yeti

z -   zein

3 letters

a -   ain   ait   ane   ani   ant   ate   eat   eta   hae   hat   nae   nah   tae   tan   tea

b -   ben   bet   bin   bit   neb   nib

c -   chi   hic   ice   ich   tic

d -   den   die   din   dit   edh   end   hid   ted

e -   eth   hen   het   hie   nee   net   tee   ten   the   tie

f -   eft   feh   fen   fet   fie   fin   fit

g -   eng   gen   get   ghi   gie   gin   git   teg

h -   eth   heh   hen   het   hie   hin   hit   nth   the

i -   hie   hin   hit   nit   tie   tin

j -   jet   jin

k -   ink   ken   khi   kin   kit

l -   lei   let   lie   lin   lit   nil   tel   til

m -   hem   him   men   met   nim

n -   hen   hin   inn   net   nit   nth   ten   tin

o -   eon   hoe   hon   hot   ion   noh   not   one   tho   toe   ton

p -   hep   hip   nip   peh   pen   pet   phi   pht   pie   pin   pit   tip

r -   ern   her   ire   rei   ret   rin

s -   ens   hes   his   ins   its   sei   sen   set   she   sin   sit   tis

t -   eth   het   hit   net   nit   nth   ten   tet   the   tie   tin   tit

u -   hue   hun   hut   nut   tui   tun

v -   vet   vie

w -   hew   new   tew   wen   wet   win   wit

x -   hex   nix

y -   hey   thy   tye   yeh   yen   yet   yin

z -   zin   zit

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