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Words formed from any letters in term, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   armet   mater   ramet   tamer

e -   meter   metre   remet   retem

h -   therm

i -   merit   miter   mitre   remit   timer

o -   metro

s -   terms

u -   muter

4 letters

a -   mare   mart   mate   meat   meta   rate   ream   tame   tare   team   tear   tram

b -   berm

d -   derm

e -   meet   mere   mete   rete   teem   term   tree

f -   fret   reft   tref

g -   germ

h -   herm   meth   them

i -   emir   emit   item   mire   mite   rime   rite   tier   time   tire   trim

k -   merk   trek

l -   melt   merl

m -   term

n -   rent   tern

o -   more   mort   mote   omer   rote   tome   tore

p -   perm   pert   temp

r -   term

s -   erst   rems   rest   rets   stem

t -   term   tret

u -   mure   mute   true

v -   vert

w -   wert

y -   trey   tyer   tyre

3 letters

a -   are   arm   art   ate   ear   eat   era   eta   mae   mar   mat   ram   rat   tae   tam   tar   tea

b -   bet   reb

c -   rec

d -   med   red   ted

e -   eme   ere   met   ree   rem   ret   tee

f -   eft   emf   fem   fer   fet   ref

g -   erg   gem   get   meg   reg   teg

h -   eth   hem   her   het   the

i -   ire   mir   rei   rim   tie

j -   jet

l -   elm   let   mel   tel

m -   mem   met   rem

n -   ern   men   net   ten

o -   mor   mot   ore   ort   roe   rom   rot   toe   tom   tor

p -   per   pet   rep

r -   err   rem   ret

s -   ems   ers   res   ser   set

t -   met   ret   tet

u -   emu   mut   rue   rum   rut

v -   rev   vet

w -   mew   tew   wet

x -   rex

y -   rye   try   tye   yet

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