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Words formed from any letters in syphons, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   hypnoses

i -   hypnosis

7 letters

c -   psychos

e -   phoneys

h -   syphons

i -   siphons   sonship

k -   skyphos

m -   nymphos

n -   syphons

o -   syphons

p -   syphons

s -   hyssops   syphons

t -   phytons   pythons   typhons

y -   syphons

6 letters

a -   shnaps   yapons

c -   psycho   psychs   synchs

d -   synods

e -   honeys   noshes   phones   phoney   physes   pyoses   sepoys

g -   spongy

h -   hysons   hyssop   syphon

i -   opsins   physis   pyosis   siphon

k -   knosps

l -   phylon   poshly   pylons   sloshy   splosh   sylphs

m -   nympho   nymphs

n -   hysons   syphon

o -   hysons   hyssop   phonos   snoops   snoopy   spoons   spoony   syphon

p -   hyssop   syphon

s -   hysons   hyssop   syphon   sysops

t -   phyton   python   synths   typhon

u -   shoyus   yupons

y -   hysons   hyssop   syphon

5 letters

a -   hasps   hoyas   opahs   pansy   psoas   shays   snaps   snash   soaps   soapy   soyas   spans   spays   yapon

b -   bossy   snobs

c -   chops   psych   scops   synch   syncs

d -   donsy   ponds   synod   yodhs

e -   hones   honey   hopes   hosen   hoses   hypes   noses   nosey   opens   peons   peony   pesos   phone   poesy   pones   poses   posse   sepoy   shoes   shone   snyes   sones

f -   fohns

g -   hongs   pongs   shogs   snogs   songs   yoghs

h -   hypos   hyson   phons   phony   shops   sophs   sophy   syphs

i -   hissy   noisy   opsin   pions   pisos   pyins   shins   shiny   ships   sinhs   snips   spins   spiny   yonis

j -   johns

k -   honks   honky   knops   knosp   kophs   skosh

l -   lossy   ploys   polys   pylon   slops   slosh   sonly   sylph

m -   hymns   mossy   nymph

n -   hyson   phons   phony   sonny   sonsy

o -   hoops   hypos   hyson   phono   phons   phony   poohs   poons   shoon   shoos   shops   snoop   sonsy   sophs   sophy   spoon   sysop

p -   hoppy   hypos   phons   phony   popsy   shops   sophs   sophy   soppy   syphs   sysop

q -   qophs

r -   horns   horny   horsy   porns   porny   pross   prosy   shorn   sorns

s -   hypos   hyson   phons   shops   sonsy   sophs   sophy   syphs   sysop

t -   hosts   phots   posts   potsy   shots   snots   soths   spots   stony   stops   synth   tophs   typos

u -   hussy   ouphs   pushy   pussy   shoyu   shuns   soups   soupy   yupon

w -   shown   shows   showy   snows   snowy   swops   whops

y -   hypos   hyson   phony   sonsy   sophy   syphs   sysop

4 letters

a -   ahoy   ashy   asps   haps   hasp   hays   hoya   naos   naps   nays   opah   ossa   pans   pash   pass   pays   pyas   sans   saps   sash   says   shay   snap   soap   soya   span   spas   spay   yaps

b -   bony   bops   bosh   boss   boys   hobs   nobs   snob   sobs   sybo   yobs

c -   chon   chop   cons   cony   cops   copy   cosh   coss   cosy   coys   scop   sync

d -   dons   dopy   doss   hods   nods   pods   pond   shod   sods   yodh   yods   yond

e -   eons   epos   espy   hens   hoes   hone   hope   hose   hype   ness   noes   nope   nose   ones   open   opes   oses   oyes   pehs   pens   peon   peso   pone   pose   pyes   shes   shoe   snye   sone   syne   yens

f -   fohn   fons   fops   foss   foys

g -   gosh   goys   gyps   hogs   hong   nogs   pogy   pong   shog   snog   song   yogh

h -   hons   hops   hoys   hypo   hyps   nosh   phon   posh   shop   soph   syph

i -   hins   hips   hisn   hiss   ions   nips   phis   pins   piny   pion   pish   piso   piss   pois   psis   pyin   shin   ship   sinh   sins   sips   snip   spin   yins   yips   yoni

j -   john   josh   joss   joys

k -   honk   knop   koph   kops   koss   poky   yoks

l -   holp   hols   holy   lops   loss   only   ploy   pols   poly   slop   sols

m -   homy   hymn   mhos   mons   mony   mops   mopy   mosh   moss   noms   ohms   poms   shmo

n -   hons   nosh   nosy   phon   pons   pony   sons

o -   hons   hoop   hops   hoys   hypo   nosh   nosy   oohs   oops   phon   pons   pony   pooh   poon   posh   posy   shoo   shop   sons   soon   soph   sops   soys

p -   hops   hypo   hyps   phon   pons   pony   pops   posh   posy   shop   soph   sops   syph

q -   qoph

r -   horn   porn   pros   rhos   ropy   rosy   sorn   spry

s -   hons   hops   hoys   hyps   nosh   nosy   pons   posh   posy   shop   sons   soph   sops   soys   syph

t -   host   hots   opts   phot   post   pots   psst   shot   snot   soth   sots   spot   stop   tons   tony   toph   tops   tosh   toss   toys   typo

u -   huns   nous   onus   opus   ouph   puns   puny   push   puss   shun   soup   sous   spun   suns   sups   upon   yups

w -   hows   nows   owns   pows   show   snow   sown   sows   swop   whop   whys   wons   wops   wyns   yows

x -   onyx

y -   hoys   hypo   hyps   nosy   pony   posy   soys   syph

3 letters

a -   any   ash   asp   ass   ays   hao   hap   has   hay   nah   nap   nay   pah   pan   pas   pay   pya   sap   say   sha   spa   yah   yap

b -   bop   bos   boy   bys   hob   nob   sob   yob

c -   con   cop   cos   coy

d -   don   dos   hod   nod   ods   pod   sod   yod

e -   ens   eon   ess   hen   hep   hes   hey   hoe   oes   one   ope   ose   peh   pen   pes   pye   sen   she   yeh   yen   yep   yes

f -   foh   fon   fop   foy

g -   gos   goy   gyp   hog   nog

h -   hon   hop   hoy   hyp   noh   ohs   poh   shh   shy

i -   hin   hip   his   ins   ion   nip   phi   pin   pis   poi   psi   sin   sip   sis   yin   yip

j -   joy

k -   kop   kos   sky   yok

l -   lop   ply   pol   sly   sol

m -   mho   mon   mop   mos   nom   ohm   oms   pom   som   yom

n -   hon   noh   nos   ons   son   syn   yon

o -   hon   hop   hoy   noh   noo   nos   oho   ohs   ons   ooh   ops   poh   son   sop   sos   soy   yon

p -   hop   hyp   ops   poh   pop   sop   spy

r -   nor   ors   pro   pry   rho

s -   nos   ohs   ons   ops   shy   son   sop   sos   soy   spy   syn

t -   hot   not   nth   opt   pht   pot   sot   sty   tho   thy   ton   top   toy

u -   hun   hup   nus   pun   pus   sou   sun   sup   uns   upo   ups   you   yup

w -   how   now   own   pow   sow   who   why   won   wop   wos   wyn   yow

x -   oxy   pox   pyx   sox

y -   hoy   hyp   shy   soy   spy   syn   yon

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