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Words formed from any letters in swouns, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

b -   sunbows

d -   swounds

6 letters

a -   sowans

b -   bosuns   sunbow

d -   sounds   swound   wounds

e -   nouses   onuses   sowens   unsews

n -   swouns   unsown

o -   swoons   swouns

s -   swouns

t -   snouts

u -   swouns

w -   swouns

5 letters

a -   snaws   swans

b -   bonus   bosun   snobs   snubs   swobs

c -   conus   cusso   scows   uncos

d -   downs   nodus   sound   wound

e -   enows   noses   owsen   sones   souse   unsew

g -   gowns   snogs   snugs   songs   swung

h -   shown   shows   shuns

i -   nisus   sinus   winos

k -   knows   kusso   souks   wonks

l -   slows   solus   souls

m -   muons   sumos

n -   nouns   snows   sunns   swoun   unwon

o -   snows   swoon   swoun

p -   soups   swops

r -   sorns   sorus   sours   sworn

s -   snows   swoun

t -   nowts   ousts   snots   snout   stows   stuns   swots   tonus   towns   wonts

u -   swoun

w -   snows   swoun

y -   snowy   sonsy   wussy

4 letters

a -   anus   awns   naos   ossa   sans   sawn   saws   snaw   swan   wans

b -   boss   bows   buns   buss   nobs   nubs   snob   snub   sobs   subs   swob

c -   cons   coss   cows   cuss   scow   unco

d -   dons   doss   down   dows   duns   duos   nods   ouds   sods   suds   udos   undo

e -   enow   eons   ness   news   noes   nose   ones   oses   owes   owse   sewn   sews   sone   sues   uses   wens   woes

f -   fons   foss   funs   fuss

g -   gnus   gown   guns   nogs   snog   snug   song   sung   wogs

h -   hons   hows   huns   nosh   show   shun

i -   ions   sins   wino   wins   wiss

j -   joss   jows

k -   know   koss   souk   sunk   woks   wonk

l -   loss   lown   lows   owls   slow   sols   soul

m -   mons   moss   mown   mows   muns   muon   muss   noms   sumo   sums   swum

n -   noun   nous   nows   nuns   onus   owns   snow   sons   sown   sunn   suns   wons

o -   nous   nows   onus   owns   snow   sons   soon   sous   sown   sows   wons   woos

p -   opus   pons   pows   puns   puss   sops   soup   spun   sups   swop   upon   wops

q -   suqs

r -   ours   rows   runs   sorn   sour   urns   worn

s -   nous   nows   onus   owns   snow   sons   sous   sown   sows   suns   suss   wons   wuss

t -   nowt   nuts   oust   outs   snot   sots   stow   stun   swot   tons   toss   town   tows   tuns   twos   unto   wont   wost   wots

u -   nous   onus   sous   suns   wuss

v -   vows

w -   nows   owns   snow   sown   sows   wons   wows   wuss

y -   nosy   soys   wyns   yows

3 letters

a -   ass   awn   naw   sau   saw   wan   was

b -   bos   bow   bun   bus   nob   nub   sob   sub

c -   con   cos   cow

d -   don   dos   dow   dun   duo   nod   ods   oud   sod   udo   wud

e -   ens   eon   ess   new   oes   one   ose   owe   sen   sew   sue   use   wen   woe

f -   fon   fou   fun

g -   gnu   gos   gun   nog   wog

h -   hon   how   hun   noh   ohs   who

i -   ins   ion   sin   sis   win   wis

j -   jow   jun   jus

k -   kos   wok

l -   low   owl   sol

m -   mon   mos   mow   mun   mus   nom   oms   som   sum

n -   nos   now   nun   nus   ons   own   son   sun   uns   won

o -   noo   nos   now   ons   own   son   sos   sou   sow   won   woo   wos

p -   ops   pow   pun   pus   sop   sup   upo   ups   wop

q -   suq

r -   nor   ors   our   row   run   urn

s -   nos   nus   ons   son   sos   sou   sow   sun   uns   wos

t -   not   nut   out   sot   ton   tow   tun   two   uts   wot

u -   nus   sou   sun   uns

v -   vow

w -   now   own   sow   won   wos   wow

x -   sox

y -   soy   syn   wyn   yon   you   yow

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