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Words formed from any letters in swaps, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

h -   pshaws

m -   swamps

n -   spawns

5 letters

a -   swaps   wasps

b -   swabs

e -   apses   pases   passe   spaes   spews

g -   gasps   gawps   swags

h -   hasps   pshaw   shaws   swash   whaps

i -   apsis   aspis   wisps

l -   pawls   salps   slaps   slaws

m -   samps   spams   spasm   swamp

n -   pawns   snaps   snaws   spans   spawn   swans

o -   psoas   soaps   swops

p -   swaps   wasps

r -   rasps   spars   warps   wraps

s -   swaps   wasps

t -   pasts   spats   swats   wasts

w -   swaps   wasps

y -   spays   sways   waspy   yawps

4 letters

a -   asps   pass   paws   saps   saws   spas   swap   waps   wasp

b -   baps   bass   sabs   swab   wabs

c -   caps   caws   pacs   sacs

d -   daps   daws   pads   wads

e -   apes   apse   awes   pase   peas   pews   seas   sews   spae   spew   waes

g -   gaps   gasp   gawp   sags   swag   wags

h -   haps   hasp   haws   pash   sash   shaw   wash   whap

i -   pias   piss   psis   sips   wisp   wiss

j -   jaws

k -   asks   skas

l -   alps   awls   laps   lass   laws   pals   pawl   salp   sals   slap   slaw

m -   amps   maps   mass   maws   pams   samp   spam   swam

n -   awns   naps   pans   pawn   sans   sawn   snap   snaw   span   swan   wans

o -   ossa   pows   soap   sops   sows   swop   wops

p -   asps   paps   pass   paws   saps   spas   swap   waps   wasp

r -   pars   raps   rasp   raws   spar   warp   wars   wrap

s -   asps   pass   paws   saps   sass   saws   spas   swap   waps   wasp

t -   past   pats   psst   spat   staw   swat   taps   tass   taws   twas   wast   wats

u -   puss   sups   upas   wuss

v -   vaws

w -   paws   saws   swap   waps   wasp   waws

y -   pays   pyas   says   spay   sway   ways   yaps   yawp   yaws

z -   spaz   zaps

3 letters

a -   aas   asp   ass   awa   pas   paw   sap   saw   spa   wap   was

b -   abs   bap   bas   sab   wab

c -   cap   caw   pac   sac

d -   ads   dap   daw   pad   sad   wad

e -   ape   awe   ess   pea   pes   pew   sae   sea   sew   wae

f -   fas

g -   gap   gas   sag   wag

h -   ash   hap   has   haw   pah   sha   wha

i -   ais   pia   pis   psi   sip   sis   wis

j -   jaw

k -   ask   kas   ska

l -   alp   als   awl   lap   las   law   pal   sal

m -   amp   map   mas   maw   pam

n -   awn   nap   naw   pan   wan

o -   ops   pow   sop   sos   sow   wop   wos

p -   asp   pap   pas   paw   sap   spa   wap

r -   ars   par   rap   ras   raw   war

s -   asp   ass   pas   sap   saw   spa   was

t -   apt   pat   sat   tap   tas   taw   twa   wat

u -   pus   sau   sup   ups

v -   vas   vaw

w -   paw   saw   wap   was   waw

x -   pax   sax   wax

y -   ays   pay   pya   say   spy   way   yap   yaw

z -   zap

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