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Words formed from any letters in squirmy, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   marquis

i -   squirmy

m -   squirmy

q -   squirmy

r -   squirmy

s -   squirms   squirmy

u -   squirmy

y -   squirmy

6 letters

a -   maquis   umiaqs

d -   murids

e -   misery   quires   risque   squire

i -   squirm   surimi

k -   quirks   quirky   smirky

l -   lyrism

m -   squirm

n -   quinsy

o -   rimous

p -   primus   purism   sirupy

q -   squirm

r -   squirm

s -   squirm

t -   quirts   squirt   truism

u -   squirm

5 letters

a -   amirs   arums   auris   mairs   maqui   muras   quais   quasi   quays   ramus   saury   simar   umiaq

b -   brims   squib

c -   music   scrim   scrum

d -   drums   murid   mysid   quids   squid   yirds

e -   emirs   mires   miser   mures   muser   query   queys   quire   rimes   serum   sieur

f -   firms   surfy

g -   grimy   gyrus   surgy

h -   mushy   qursh   rushy

k -   kumys   mirks   mirky   murks   murky   musky   quirk   risky   smirk

l -   slimy   surly

m -   rummy

n -   minus   munis   quins   ruins

o -   mousy   yours

p -   prims   prism   puris   pursy   quips   rumps   sirup   spiry   spumy   syrup

r -   murrs   murry   yirrs

s -   missy   mussy   risus

t -   misty   musty   quirt   quits   rusty   stimy   strum   trims   yurts

u -   usury

v -   virus

4 letters

a -   aims   airs   airy   amir   amis   amus   arms   army   arum   mair   mars   mays   mura   quai   quay   rami   rams   rays   rias   ryas   sari   sima   sura   ursa   yams

b -   brim   bris   bums   burs   bury   busy   buys   mibs   ribs   rubs   ruby   urbs

c -   cris   crus   curs   scry   scum   uric

d -   dims   drum   drys   mids   muds   quid   rids   surd   urds   yids   yird

e -   emir   emus   ires   mire   mise   mure   muse   quey   reis   rems   rime   rise   rues   ruse   ryes   semi   sire   suer   sure   user

f -   firm   firs   fumy   furs   fury   rifs   surf

g -   grim   grum   gums   guys   gyms   gyri   migs   mugs   rigs   rugs   smug

h -   hums   mush   rhus   rush   shim   shri

i -   iris   miri   mirs   miry   rims   rimy

j -   jism   jury

k -   irks   kirs   kris   mirk   murk   musk   risk   rusk   skim   yuks

l -   limy   lums   mils   ruly   slim   slum   slur   syli

m -   immy   mirs   miry   mums   rims   rimy   rums

n -   muni   muns   nims   quin   rins   ruin   runs   urns   yins

o -   miso   mors   ours   roms   rosy   sori   sour   sumo   your

p -   imps   prim   puri   purs   quip   rips   rump   simp   spry   spur   sump   umps   yips   yups

r -   mirs   miry   murr   rims   rimy   rums   yirr

s -   isms   mirs   miss   muss   rims   rums   sims   sirs   sris   sums   suqs

t -   mist   mity   must   muts   quit   rust   ruts   smit   smut   stir   stum   suit   trim   tuis   yurt

u -   rums   urus

v -   vims

w -   swim   swum   wiry   ywis

y -   miry   rimy

z -   quiz   sizy

3 letters

a -   aim   air   ais   ami   amu   arm   ars   ays   mar   mas   may   qua   ram   ras   ray   ria   rya   sau   say   yam   yar

b -   bis   bum   bur   bus   buy   bys   mib   rib   rub   sib   sub   urb

c -   cis   cry   cum   cur   icy   sic

d -   dim   dis   dry   dui   ids   mid   mud   rid   urd   yid

e -   ems   emu   ers   ire   rei   rem   res   rue   rye   sei   ser   sue   use   yes

f -   fir   fry   fur   ifs   rif

g -   gum   guy   gym   mig   mug   rig   rug

h -   him   his   hum   shy

i -   ism   mir   mis   rim   sim   sir   sri

j -   jus

k -   irk   kir   ski   sky   yuk

l -   lis   lum   mil   sly

m -   ism   mim   mir   mis   mum   mus   rim   rum   sim   sum   umm   yum

n -   ins   mun   nim   nus   rin   run   sin   sun   syn   uns   urn   yin

o -   mor   mos   oms   ors   our   rom   som   sou   soy   yom   you

p -   imp   pis   piu   pry   psi   pur   pus   rip   sip   spy   sup   ump   ups   yip   yup

q -   suq

r -   mir   rim   rum   sir   sri

s -   ism   mis   mus   sim   sir   sis   sri   sum   suq

t -   its   mut   rut   sit   sty   tis   try   tui   uts

u -   mus   rum   sum   suq   yum

v -   ivy   vim   vis

w -   wis   wry

x -   mix   six   xis

y -   yum

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