Words formed from any letters in squintingly, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

l - nilling  

m - limning  

6 letters

o - oiling  

r - riling  

x - nixing  

5 letters

b - blini  

f - fling  

h - nihil  

i - linin  

j - jinni  

k - kinin  

l - linin  

n - linin  

r - iring  

t - glint  

u - lungi  

v - vigil  

4 letters

b - glib   blin  

g - ling  

h - nigh   hili  

i - ling   linn  

j - jinn  

n - ling   linn  

p - ping   pili  

w - wing  

y - inly   liny  

z - zing  

3 letters

c - cig  

f - fig   fil   fin  

g - gig   gin  

h - ghi   hin  

j - jig   jin  

k - ilk   ink   kin  

l - ill   lin   nil  

m - mig   mil   nim  

r - rig   rin  

s - lis   ins   sin  

v - vig  

w - wig   win  

x - nix  

y - yin  

z - zig   zin  

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