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Words formed from any letters in spits, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   pastis   spaits

e -   pistes   spites   stipes

l -   splits

o -   posits   ptosis

r -   spirts   sprits   stirps   strips

u -   situps

5 letters

a -   apsis   aspis   pasts   pitas   satis   spait   spats   tapis

c -   cists   spics

e -   pests   piste   septs   sipes   sites   spies   spite   steps   sties   stipe

f -   fists   sifts

g -   gists

h -   hists   piths   ships   shist   shits

i -   spits   tipis

k -   kists   skips   skits   spiks

l -   lisps   lists   silts   slips   slipt   slits   spilt   split

m -   mists   simps

n -   pints   snips   snits   spins

o -   pisos   posit   posts   spots   stops   topis

p -   spits

r -   priss   spirt   sprit   stirp   stirs   strip   trips

s -   spits

t -   spits

u -   situp   situs   suits

v -   spivs

w -   wisps   wists

y -   tipsy

z -   spitz

4 letters

a -   aits   asps   pass   past   pats   pias   pita   saps   sati   spas   spat   taps   tass

b -   bits   sibs

c -   cist   pics   sics   spic   tics

d -   dips   dipt   diss   dits

e -   pest   pets   pies   seis   sept   sets   sipe   site   step   ties

f -   fist   fits   sift

g -   gips   gist   gits   pigs

h -   hips   hiss   hist   hits   phis   pish   pith   ship   shit   sith   this

i -   piss   pits   psis   sips   sits   spit   tipi   tips

k -   kips   kiss   kist   kits   skip   skis   skit   spik   tsks

l -   lips   lisp   list   lits   silt   slip   slit   tils

m -   imps   isms   miss   mist   simp   sims   smit

n -   nips   nits   pins   pint   sins   snip   snit   spin   tins

o -   opts   piso   pois   post   pots   sops   sots   spot   stop   topi   tops   toss

p -   pips   piss   pits   psis   psst   sips   spit   tips

r -   rips   sirs   sris   stir   trip

s -   piss   pits   psis   psst   sips   sits   spit   tips

t -   pits   psst   sits   spit   tips   tits

u -   puss   puts   suit   sups   tuis   tups

v -   spiv

w -   wisp   wiss   wist   wits

y -   pity   yips

z -   zips   zits

3 letters

a -   ais   ait   apt   asp   ass   pas   pat   pia   sap   sat   spa   tap   tas

b -   bis   bit   sib

c -   cis   pic   sic   tic

d -   dip   dis   dit   ids

e -   ess   pes   pet   pie   sei   set   tie

f -   fit   ifs

g -   gip   git   pig

h -   hip   his   hit   phi   pht

i -   its   pis   pit   psi   sip   sis   sit   tip   tis

k -   kip   kit   ski   tsk

l -   lip   lis   lit   til

m -   imp   ism   mis   sim

n -   ins   nip   nit   pin   sin   tin

o -   ops   opt   poi   pot   sop   sos   sot   top

p -   pip   pis   pit   psi   sip   tip

r -   rip   sir   sri

s -   its   pis   psi   sip   sis   sit   tis

t -   its   pit   sit   tip   tis   tit

u -   piu   pus   put   sup   tui   tup   ups   uts

v -   vis

w -   wis   wit

x -   pix   six   xis

y -   spy   sty   yip

z -   zip   zit

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