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Words formed from any letters in spews, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   sweeps

i -   swipes

5 letters

a -   apses   pases   passe   spaes   swaps   wasps

c -   specs

e -   seeps   spews   sweep   weeps

h -   shews

i -   sipes   spies   swipe   wipes   wises   wisps

k -   skeps   skews

l -   plews   slews

m -   smews

o -   pesos   poses   posse   swops

p -   spews

r -   press

s -   spews

t -   pests   septs   steps   stews   swept   wests

u -   puses   spues   supes

w -   spews

4 letters

a -   apes   apse   asps   awes   pase   pass   paws   peas   saps   saws   seas   spae   spas   swap   waes   waps   wasp

b -   webs

c -   ceps   cess   pecs   secs   spec

d -   dews   peds   sped   weds

e -   eses   ewes   pees   pews   seep   sees   sews   spew   weep   wees

f -   fess

g -   pegs   segs

h -   hews   pehs   phew   shes   shew

i -   pies   piss   psis   seis   sipe   sips   wipe   wise   wisp   wiss

j -   jess   jews

k -   keps   skep   skew

l -   less   plew   sels   slew

m -   mess   mews   smew

n -   ness   news   pens   sewn   wens

o -   epos   opes   oses   owes   owse   peso   pose   pows   sops   sows   swop   woes   wops

p -   peps   pews   spew

r -   reps   sers

s -   pews   sews   spew

t -   pest   pets   psst   sept   sets   step   stew   tews   wept   west   wets

u -   puss   spue   sues   supe   sups   uses   wuss

w -   pews   sews   spew

y -   espy   pyes   wyes   yews

3 letters

a -   ape   asp   ass   awe   pas   paw   pea   sae   sap   saw   sea   spa   wae   wap   was

b -   web

c -   cep   pec   sec

d -   dew   eds   ped   wed

e -   ess   ewe   pee   pes   pew   see   sew   wee

f -   efs   few

g -   peg   seg

h -   hep   hes   hew   peh   she

i -   pie   pis   psi   sei   sip   sis   wis

j -   jew

k -   kep

l -   els   sel

m -   ems   mew

n -   ens   new   pen   sen   wen

o -   oes   ope   ops   ose   owe   pow   sop   sos   sow   woe   wop   wos

p -   pep   pes   pew

r -   ers   per   rep   res   ser

s -   ess   pes   sew

t -   pet   set   tew   wet

u -   pus   sue   sup   ups   use

w -   pew   sew

x -   sex

y -   pye   spy   wye   yep   yes   yew

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