More Words

Words formed from any letters in spades, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   passade

e -   pesades

i -   apsides

r -   spaders   spreads

6 letters

a -   passed   spades

c -   scaped   scapes   spaced   spaces

d -   passed   spaded   spades

e -   passed   passee   peases   pesade   spades   speeds

g -   gasped   gassed

h -   dashes   hasped   pashed   pashes   phased   phases   sadhes   sashed   shades   shaped   shapes

i -   asides   daises   dassie   dipsas   pissed   sepias

k -   speaks

l -   lapsed   lapses   padles   passel   pedals   pleads   saleps   sepals   spales

m -   massed

n -   aspens   sedans   sneaps   speans   spends

o -   paseos   soaped   spodes

p -   passed   sapped   spades

r -   aspers   drapes   padres   parsed   parses   passer   prases   rasped   repass   spader   spared   spares   sparse   spears   spread

s -   passed   passes   sassed   spades

t -   adepts   pasted   pastes   spates   stades   stapes   steads   tsades

u -   paused   pauses   pseuds   upases

y -   spayed

5 letters

a -   apses   assed   pases   passe   sades   spade   spaed   spaes

b -   based   bases   beads   sabed   sabes

c -   cades   caped   capes   cased   cases   daces   paced   paces   scads   scape   space   specs

d -   assed   deads   sades   spade   spaed

e -   aedes   apses   assed   deeps   eased   eases   pases   passe   pease   pedes   sades   seeds   seeps   spade   spaed   spaes   speed

f -   fades   safes

g -   degas   egads   gaped   gapes   gases   gasps   paged   pages   peags   sages

h -   ashed   ashes   deash   ephas   hades   hasps   heads   heaps   phase   sadhe   shade   shads   shape   sheas   sheds

i -   aides   apsis   aside   aspis   ideas   padis   paise   sadis   saids   sapid   sepia   sides   siped   sipes   spied   spies

j -   jades   japed   japes

k -   asked   desks   peaks   sakes   skeps   spake   speak

l -   dales   deals   lades   lapse   lased   lases   leads   leaps   padle   paled   pales   peals   pedal   plead   pleas   salep   sales   salps   seals   sepal   slaps   sleds   spale

m -   dames   damps   masse   meads   mesas   samps   seams   spams   spasm

n -   aspen   deans   napes   neaps   paned   panes   peans   pends   sands   saned   sanes   sedan   sends   sensa   snaps   sneap   sneds   spans   spean   spend

o -   apods   dopas   dopes   doses   oases   paseo   pesos   posed   poses   posse   psoae   psoas   soaps   sodas   spado   spode

p -   apses   pases   passe   spade   spaed   spaes

r -   apers   apres   arses   asper   dares   dears   drape   dress   padre   pards   pared   pares   parse   pears   prase   presa   press   raped   rapes   rased   rases   rasps   reads   reaps   sards   sears   spare   spars   spear

s -   apses   assed   asses   pases   passe   sades   spade   spaed   spaes

t -   adept   asset   dates   easts   paste   pasts   pated   pates   peats   pests   sated   sates   seats   septa   septs   spate   spats   stade   stead   steps   taped   tapes   tasse   tepas   tsade

u -   dupes   pause   pseud   puses   spuds   spued   spues   supes

v -   devas   paved   paves   saved   saves   vases

w -   pawed   sawed   spews   swaps   wades   wasps

x -   paxes   saxes

y -   essay   payed   spays

z -   adzes   dazes

4 letters

a -   aped   apes   apse   asea   asps   daps   pads   pase   pass   peas   sade   saps   seas   spae   spas

b -   abed   bade   bads   baps   base   bass   bead   beds   dabs   debs   sabe   sabs

c -   aced   aces   cade   cads   cape   caps   case   ceps   cess   dace   pace   pacs   pecs   sacs   scad   secs   spec

d -   adds   aped   dads   daps   dead   pads   peds   sade   sped

e -   aped   apes   apse   deep   dees   ease   eses   pase   peas   peds   peed   pees   sade   seas   seed   seep   sees   spae   sped

f -   deaf   fade   fads   feds   fess   safe

g -   aged   ages   dags   egad   gads   gaed   gaes   gape   gaps   gasp   geds   page   peag   pegs   sage   sags   segs

h -   dahs   dash   edhs   epha   hade   haed   haes   haps   hasp   head   heap   pash   pehs   sash   shad   shea   shed   shes

i -   aide   aids   dais   dies   dips   diss   idea   ides   padi   paid   pias   pied   pies   piss   psis   sadi   said   seis   side   sipe   sips

j -   jade   jape   jess

k -   asks   daks   desk   kaes   keas   keps   peak   sake   skas   skep

l -   ales   alps   dale   dals   deal   dels   elds   lade   lads   laps   lase   lass   lead   leap   leas   less   pale   pals   peal   plea   pled   sale   salp   sals   seal   sels   slap   sled

m -   amps   dame   damp   dams   made   mads   maes   maps   mass   mead   mesa   mess   pams   same   samp   seam   spam

n -   ands   anes   dean   dens   ends   nape   naps   neap   ness   pane   pans   pean   pend   pens   sand   sane   sans   send   snap   sned   span

o -   ados   apod   does   dopa   dope   dose   doss   epos   odea   odes   oped   opes   oses   ossa   peso   pods   pose   soap   soda   sods   sops

p -   aped   apes   apse   asps   daps   pads   paps   pase   pass   peas   peds   peps   saps   spae   spas   sped

r -   aper   ares   arse   dare   dear   ears   eras   pard   pare   pars   pear   rads   rape   raps   rase   rasp   read   reap   reds   reps   sard   sear   sera   sers   spar

s -   apes   apse   asps   daps   pads   pase   pass   peas   peds   sade   saps   sass   seas   spae   spas   sped

t -   ates   date   east   eats   etas   past   pate   pats   peat   pest   pets   psst   sate   seat   sept   seta   sets   spat   step   tads   tape   taps   tass   teas   teds   tepa

u -   dues   dupe   dups   puds   puss   spud   spue   suds   sued   sues   supe   sups   upas   used   uses

v -   aves   deva   devs   pave   save   vase

w -   awed   awes   daws   dews   paws   pews   saws   sews   spew   swap   wade   wads   waes   waps   wasp   weds

x -   apex   axed   axes

y -   ayes   days   deys   dyes   easy   espy   eyas   pays   pyas   pyes   says   spay   yaps   yeas

z -   adze   daze   spaz   zaps   zeds

3 letters

a -   aas   ads   ape   asp   ass   dap   pad   pas   pea   sad   sae   sap   sea   spa

b -   abs   bad   bap   bas   bed   dab   deb   sab

c -   ace   cad   cap   cep   pac   pec   sac   sec

d -   add   ads   dad   dap   eds   pad   ped   sad

e -   ape   dee   eds   ess   pea   ped   pee   pes   sae   sea   see

f -   efs   fad   fas   fed

g -   age   dag   gad   gae   gap   gas   ged   peg   sag   seg

h -   ash   dah   edh   had   hae   hap   has   hep   hes   pah   peh   sha   she

i -   aid   ais   die   dip   dis   ids   pia   pie   pis   psi   sei   sip   sis

k -   ask   dak   kae   kas   kea   kep   ska

l -   ale   alp   als   dal   del   eld   els   lad   lap   las   lea   led   pal   sal   sel

m -   amp   dam   ems   mad   mae   map   mas   med   pam

n -   and   ane   den   end   ens   nae   nap   pan   pen   sen

o -   ado   doe   dos   ode   ods   oes   ope   ops   ose   pod   sod   sop   sos

p -   ape   asp   dap   pad   pap   pas   pea   ped   pep   pes   sap   spa

r -   are   ars   ear   era   ers   par   per   rad   rap   ras   red   rep   res   ser

s -   ads   asp   ass   eds   ess   pas   pes   sad   sae   sap   sea   spa

t -   apt   ate   eat   eta   pat   pet   sat   set   tad   tae   tap   tas   tea   ted

u -   due   dup   eau   pud   pus   sau   sue   sup   ups   use

v -   ave   dev   vas

w -   awe   daw   dew   paw   pew   saw   sew   wad   wae   wap   was   wed

x -   axe   dex   pax   sax   sex

y -   aye   ays   day   dey   dye   pay   pya   pye   say   spy   yap   yea   yep   yes

z -   adz   zap   zed

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