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Words formed from any letters in sonly, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

i -   nosily

n -   nonyls   nylons

p -   pylons

5 letters

a -   loans   salon   solan

b -   nobly

c -   clons   cloys

d -   donsy   odyls   sloyd   synod

e -   enols   lenos   noels   nosey

g -   longs

h -   hyson

i -   linos   lions   loins   lysin   noils   noily   noisy   yonis

k -   yolks

l -   sonly

n -   nonyl   nylon   sonly   sonny

o -   loons   loony   nolos   snool   solon   sonly

p -   ploys   polys   pylon

s -   lossy   sonly   sonsy

t -   stony

u -   lousy

w -   snowy   yowls

y -   sonly

4 letters

a -   also   lays   loan   naos   nays   slay   sola   soya

b -   bony   boys   lobs   nobs   slob   snob   sybo   yobs

c -   clon   cloy   cols   coly   cons   cony   cosy   coys   sync

d -   dols   dons   nods   odyl   olds   oldy   sold   yods   yond

e -   enol   eons   leno   lens   leys   lone   lose   lyes   lyse   noel   noes   nose   oles   ones   oyes   sloe   snye   sole   sone   syne   yens

f -   fons   foys

g -   goys   logs   logy   long   nogs   slog   snog   song

h -   hols   holy   hons   hoys   nosh

i -   inly   ions   lino   lins   liny   lion   loin   nils   noil   oils   oily   silo   soil   soli   syli   yins   yoni

j -   joys

k -   yoks   yolk

l -   only

m -   mols   moly   mons   mony   noms

n -   nosy   only

o -   loon   loos   nolo   nosy   only   solo   soon

p -   lops   ploy   pols   poly   pons   pony   posy   slop

r -   lorn   lory   rosy   sorn

s -   loss   nosy   sols   sons   soys

t -   lost   lots   slot   snot   tons   tony   toys

u -   luny   nous   onus   soul

w -   lown   lows   nows   owls   owns   slow   snow   sown   wons   wyns   yowl   yows

x -   lynx   onyx

y -   nosy   only

3 letters

a -   als   any   ays   las   lay   nay   sal   say

b -   bos   boy   bys   lob   nob   sob   yob

c -   col   con   cos   coy

d -   dol   don   dos   nod   ods   old   sod   yod

e -   els   ens   eon   ley   lye   oes   ole   one   ose   sel   sen   yen   yes

f -   fly   fon   foy

g -   gos   goy   log   nog

h -   hon   hoy   noh   ohs   shy

i -   ins   ion   lin   lis   nil   oil   sin   yin

j -   joy

k -   kos   sky   yok

l -   sly   sol

m -   mol   mon   mos   nom   oms   som   yom

n -   nos   ons   son   syn   yon

o -   loo   noo   nos   ons   sol   son   soy   yon

p -   lop   ops   ply   pol   sop   spy

r -   nor   ors

s -   nos   ons   sly   sol   son   sos   soy   syn

t -   lot   not   sot   sty   ton   toy

u -   nus   sou   sun   uns   you

w -   low   now   owl   own   sow   won   wos   wyn   yow

x -   lox   oxy   sox

y -   sly   soy   syn   yon

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