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Words formed from any letters in snash, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   hansas

e -   hanses

g -   sanghs

k -   shanks

p -   shnaps

r -   sharns

t -   snaths

5 letters

a -   hansa   snash

c -   scans

d -   hands   sands   shads

e -   ashen   ashes   hanse   sanes   sensa   sheas

g -   gnash   hangs   sangh   shags   snags

h -   shahs   snash

i -   sains   sasin   shins   sinhs

k -   ankhs   hanks   khans   shank

l -   slash

m -   shams   smash

n -   snash

p -   hasps   snaps   spans

r -   sharn

s -   snash

t -   hants   snath   stash

u -   shuns

w -   shawn   shaws   snaws   swans   swash

y -   shays

4 letters

a -   aahs   anas   ansa   sans   sash

b -   bans   bash   bass   nabs   sabs

c -   cans   cash   sacs   scan

d -   ands   dahs   dash   hand   sand   shad

e -   anes   haen   haes   hens   ness   sane   seas   shea   shes

f -   fans   fash

g -   gash   hags   hang   nags   sags   sang   shag   snag

h -   hahs   hash   sash   shah

i -   ains   anis   hins   hisn   hiss   sain   shin   sinh   sins

k -   ankh   asks   hank   khan   sank   skas

l -   lash   lass   sals

m -   hams   mans   mash   mass   sham

n -   nans   sans

o -   hons   naos   nosh   ossa   sons

p -   asps   haps   hasp   naps   pans   pash   pass   saps   snap   span   spas

r -   rash

s -   sans   sash   sass

t -   ants   hant   hast   hats   shat   tans   tass   than

u -   anus   huns   shun   suns

v -   vans

w -   awns   haws   hwan   sawn   saws   shaw   snaw   swan   wans   wash

y -   ashy   hays   nays   says   shay

3 letters

a -   aah   aas   aha   ana   ash   ass   has   nah   sha

b -   abs   bah   ban   bas   nab   sab

c -   can   sac

d -   ads   and   dah   had   sad

e -   ane   ens   ess   hae   hen   hes   nae   sae   sea   sen   she

f -   fan   fas

g -   gan   gas   hag   nag   sag

h -   ash   hah   has   nah   sha   shh

i -   ain   ais   ani   hin   his   ins   sin   sis

j -   haj

k -   ask   kas   ska

l -   als   las   sal

m -   ham   man   mas   nam

n -   nah   nan

o -   hao   hon   noh   nos   ohs   ons   son   sos

p -   asp   hap   nap   pah   pan   pas   sap   spa

r -   ars   rah   ran   ras

s -   ash   ass   has   sha

t -   ant   hat   nth   sat   tan   tas

u -   hun   nus   sau   sun   uns

v -   van   vas

w -   awn   haw   naw   saw   wan   was   wha

x -   sax

y -   any   ays   hay   nay   say   shy   syn   yah

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