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Words formed from any letters in slicing, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   ceilings

k -   lickings   sickling   slicking

p -   splicing

u -   sluicing

7 letters

a -   incisal   lacings   nilgais   sailing   salicin   scaling

b -   sibling

c -   clinics   siccing   slicing

d -   discing   sidling   sliding

e -   ceiling

f -   filings

g -   slicing

i -   slicing

k -   licking   likings   sicking   silking

l -   slicing

m -   sliming   smiling

n -   lignins   linings   slicing

o -   closing   coiling   silicon   siloing   soiling

p -   inclips   lisping   pilings   sliping   spicing   spiling

s -   slicing

t -   listing   silting   tilings

v -   livings

y -   glycins

6 letters

a -   ailing   algins   aligns   anisic   casing   casini   clangs   glacis   lacing   lasing   liangs   ligans   linacs   lingas   nilgai   sialic   signal   silica

b -   blinis

c -   clings   clinic   icings

d -   dicing   idling   siding

e -   clines   incise   ingles   sileni   single

f -   ficins   filing   flings

g -   clings   icings   isling

h -   chilis   lichis   nihils

i -   clings   icings   isling

k -   clinks   liking   skiing

l -   clings   isling

m -   liming   limnic   simlin

n -   clings   icings   isling   lignin   lining   linins

o -   coigns   colins   congii   cosign   incogs   ionics   logics   losing   nicols   oiling   sigloi   soling

p -   inclip   lipins   piling   siping

r -   ricing   ricins   riling   rising   siring

s -   clings   icings   isling   sigils   slings

t -   citing   glints   instil   siting   tiling

u -   cluing   lungis   sluing

v -   living   vicing   vigils   vising

w -   wiling   wising

y -   clingy   glycin   lyings   lysing   singly

z -   sizing

5 letters

a -   acing   acini   algin   align   anils   cains   cilia   clags   clang   clans   gains   glans   glias   iliac   laics   liang   ligan   linac   linga   nails   salic   slain   slang   snail

b -   blini

c -   cling   icing

d -   dings   disci   gilds

e -   ceils   cines   cline   genic   genii   glens   ingle   lenis   liens   lines   nisei   segni   sengi   since   singe   slice

f -   ficin   finis   flics   fling

g -   cling   icing   lings   sigil   sling

h -   chili   chins   lichi   nighs   nihil

i -   cling   icing   lings   sigil   sling

k -   clink   ginks   kilns   kings   licks   links   nicks   slick   slink   snick

l -   cling   gills   lings   nills   sigil   sling

m -   glims   limns   minis

n -   cling   icing   lings   linin   linns   sling

o -   cions   clogs   clons   coign   coils   coins   colin   icons   incog   ionic   lingo   linos   lions   logic   loins   longs   nicol   noils   scion   sonic

p -   clips   lipin   piing   pilis   pings

r -   girls   girns   grins   iring   ricin   rings

s -   lings   sigil   signs   sings   sling

t -   clits   gilts   glint   intis   licit   lints   sting   tings

u -   clung   cuing   iglus   incus   lungi   lungs   slung   suing   sulci   using

v -   civil   vigil   vinic

w -   swing   wings

y -   icily   lingy   lying   lysin

z -   zincs   zings

4 letters

a -   agin   ails   ains   anil   anis   asci   cain   cans   clag   clan   gain   gals   glia   ilia   inia   lacs   lags   laic   lain   lang   nags   nail   sail   sain   sang   scag   scan   sial   slag   snag

b -   bigs   bins   blin   gibs   glib   ibis   libs   nibs   snib

c -   cigs

d -   digs   ding   dins   disc   gids   gild   lids   nidi   sild   slid

e -   ceil   cels   cine   egis   engs   gels   gens   gien   gies   glen   ices   isle   legs   leis   lens   lice   lien   lies   line   nice   sice   sine

f -   figs   fils   fins   fisc   flic

g -   cigs   gigs   gins   ling   sign   sing

h -   chin   chis   ghis   hili   hins   hisn   ichs   inch   lich   nigh   shin   sigh   sinh

i -   cigs   gins   ling   lins   nils   nisi   sign   sing

j -   jigs   jins

k -   gink   ilks   inks   kiln   king   kins   lick   link   nick   sick   silk   sink   skin

l -   gill   ills   ling   lins   nill   nils   sill

m -   glim   limn   migs   mils   mini   nims   slim

n -   gins   inns   ling   linn   lins   nils   nisi   sign   sing

o -   cion   clog   clon   cogs   coil   coin   cols   coni   cons   icon   ions   lino   lion   loci   logs   loin   long   nogs   noil   oils   silo   slog   snog   soil   soli   song

p -   clip   gips   lips   lisp   nips   pics   pigs   pili   ping   pins   slip   snip   spic   spin

r -   cris   girl   girn   grin   iris   liri   rigs   ring   rins

s -   cigs   gins   lins   nils   nisi   sics   sign   sing   sins

t -   cist   clit   gilt   gist   gits   inti   lint   list   lits   nits   silt   slit   snit   tics   tils   ting   tins

u -   gnus   guls   guns   iglu   lugs   lung   slug   snug   sung   unci

v -   vigs

w -   iwis   swig   wigs   wing   wins

y -   inly   liny   syli   sync   yins

z -   zigs   zinc   zing   zins

3 letters

a -   ail   ain   ais   als   ani   can   gal   gan   gas   lac   lag   las   nag   sac   sag   sal

b -   big   bin   bis   gib   lib   nib   sib

c -   cig   cis   sic

d -   dig   din   dis   gid   ids   lid

e -   cel   els   eng   ens   gel   gen   gie   ice   leg   lei   lie   sec   seg   sei   sel   sen

f -   fig   fil   fin   ifs

g -   cig   gig   gin

h -   chi   ghi   hic   hin   his   ich

i -   cig   cis   gin   ins   lin   lis   nil   sic   sin

j -   jig   jin

k -   ick   ilk   ink   kin   ski

l -   ill   lin   lis   nil

m -   ism   mig   mil   mis   nim   sim

n -   gin   inn   ins   lin   nil   sin

o -   cog   col   con   cos   gos   ion   log   nog   nos   oil   ons   sol   son

p -   gip   lip   nip   pic   pig   pin   pis   psi   sip

r -   rig   rin   sir   sri

s -   cis   ins   lis   sic   sin   sis

t -   git   its   lit   nit   sit   tic   til   tin   tis

u -   gnu   gul   gun   lug   nus   sun   uns

v -   vig   vis

w -   wig   win   wis

x -   nix   six   xis

y -   icy   sly   syn   yin

z -   zig   zin

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