More Words

Words formed from any letters in shicker, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

l -   clerkish

s -   kirsches   shickers

t -   chirkest

w -   whickers

7 letters

a -   cahiers   cashier   hackers   hackies   ricksha   shakier

b -   bickers   birches

c -   shicker

d -   chiders   chirked   dickers   herdics   shirked

e -   shicker

g -   skreigh

h -   cherish   shicker

i -   hickies   shicker

k -   kickers   shicker   shikker

l -   lickers   slicker

m -   chimers

n -   nickers   richens   snicker

o -   chokers   chokier   coheirs   heroics   hockers   shocker

p -   ceriphs   ciphers   peckish   perkish   pickers   spheric

r -   chirker   chirres   shicker   shirker

s -   schriks   shicker   shrieks   shrikes

t -   cithers   richest   rickets   sticker   thicker   tickers

u -   cushier   huskier   shucker

w -   whicker   whisker   wickers

y -   hickeys   rickeys   shrieky

z -   scherzi

6 letters

a -   achier   arches   ashier   cahier   cakier   caries   cerias   chairs   chaise   chares   charks   chaser   crakes   creaks   ericas   eschar   haceks   hacker   hackie   kaiser   kasher   rachis   rakish   sacker   screak   search   shaker   shikar

b -   bicker   bikers   bricks   scribe

c -   cercis   checks   chicer   chicks   chirks   cricks   ickers   kirsch   riches   schrik   sicker

d -   chider   chides   ciders   dicers   dicker   dikers   drecks   dreich   herdic   hiders   ricked   risked   scried   sicked

e -   cerise   cheeks   cheers   creeks   creesh   hikers   ickers   riches   seiche   shriek   shrike   sickee   sicker

f -   chiefs   fiches   fisher   kefirs   sherif

g -   sigher   skeigh

h -   chirks   hikers   kirsch   riches   schrik   sheikh   shriek   shrike

i -   chirks   hikers   ickers   ickier   kirsch   riches   schrik   shriek   shrike   sicker   sickie

k -   chirks   hikers   ickers   kicker   kirsch   kishke   schrik   shriek   shrike   sicker

l -   chiels   chiles   chisel   clerks   hirsel   hirsle   liches   licker   likers   relics   relish   sickle   slicer

m -   chimer   chimes   chirms   chrism   crimes   kermis   miches   smirch

n -   chines   chinks   enrich   inches   inkers   niches   nicker   reinks   richen   shiner   shrine   shrink   sicken   sinker

o -   chiros   choirs   choker   chokes   chores   coheir   cosher   cosier   heroic   hocker   hoicks   hokier   hosier   ichors   kosher   ochers   ochres   ockers   orchis

p -   ceriph   chirps   cipher   cripes   perish   picker   pikers   precis   prices   pricks   reship   spicer   spiker

r -   chirks   chirre   chirrs   criers   hikers   hirers   ickers   kirsch   ricers   richer   riches   risker   schrik   shriek   shrike   sicker

s -   chirks   crises   hikers   hisser   ickers   kirsch   kisser   krises   riches   schrik   scries   sheiks   shiers   shikse   shires   shirks   shriek   shrike   sicker   skiers

t -   cherts   citers   cither   ethics   itches   kiters   kithes   kitsch   schtik   shtick   sketch   steric   strick   strike   theirs   thicks   thrice   ticker   trices   tricks   trikes

u -   cruise   curies   husker   huskie   ruches   sucker

v -   chives   scrive   shiver   shrive   skiver

w -   wiches   wicker   wisher   wrecks   wricks

y -   crikey   hickey   kyries   rickey

5 letters

a -   aches   acres   areic   arise   asker   cakes   cares   carks   carse   ceria   chair   chare   chark   chars   chase   chias   crake   crash   creak   erica   escar   eskar   hacek   hacks   haiks   hairs   hakes   hares   harks   hears   races   racks   raise   rakes   rakis   reach   rheas   saice   saker   scare   serac   serai   shack   shake   share   shark   shear

b -   becks   bices   biers   biker   bikes   birch   birks   birse   brick   bries   brisk   cribs   herbs   kerbs   kibes   ribes

c -   cerci   ceric   check   chick   chics   chirk   cires   crick   cries   hecks   hicks   icker   recks   rices   ricks

d -   cedis   chide   cider   cried   decks   dicer   dices   dicks   diker   dikes   dirks   dreck   dreks   dries   herds   hider   hides   hiked   hired   irked   resid   riced   rides   sherd   shied   shred   sired   skied

e -   ceres   cheek   cheer   cires   creek   cries   eches   esker   hecks   heirs   heres   hiker   hikes   hires   icker   keirs   kiers   recks   reeks   rices   scree   sheer   sheik   shier   shire   siker   siree   skier

f -   chefs   chief   fecks   fices   fiche   fires   fresh   fries   frise   frisk   kefir   kerfs   kiefs   reifs   serif

g -   gecks   girsh

h -   chirk   hecks   heirs   hicks   hiker   hikes   hires   sheik   shier   shire   shirk

i -   chirk   cires   cries   heirs   hicks   hiker   hikes   hires   icier   icker   keirs   kiers   rices   ricks   rishi   sheik   shier   shire   shirk   siker   skier

j -   jerks

k -   chirk   hecks   hicks   hiker   hikes   icker   kecks   keirs   kicks   kiers   kikes   kirks   recks   ricks   sheik   shirk   siker   skier

l -   ceils   chiel   chile   clerk   heils   herls   lehrs   licks   liers   liker   likes   relic   riels   riles   shiel   skirl   slice   slick   slier

m -   chime   chirm   crime   emirs   hemic   herms   merks   mesic   miche   micks   mikes   mires   mirks   miser   rimes   scrim   smerk   smirk

n -   chine   chink   chins   cines   herns   inker   kench   kerns   kines   kirns   knish   necks   nicer   niche   nicks   reink   reins   resin   rinks   rinse   risen   serin   shine   since   siren   skein   sneck   snick

o -   ceros   chiro   choir   choke   chore   chose   coirs   cokes   cores   corks   corse   cosie   echos   heros   hocks   hoers   hoick   hoise   hokes   horse   ichor   ocher   ochre   ocker   okehs   osier   rocks   score   shock   shoer   shore   sicko

p -   chips   chirp   cripe   crisp   epics   kepis   pechs   pecks   perch   peris   perks   picks   piers   piker   pikes   price   prick   pries   prise   ripes   scrip   sepic   speck   speir   spice   spick   spier   spike   spire

r -   chirk   chirr   cires   crier   cries   heirs   hiker   hirer   hires   icker   keirs   kiers   recks   ricer   rices   ricks   riser   shier   shire   shirk   shirr   siker   skier   skirr

s -   chess   cires   cress   cries   hecks   heirs   hicks   hikes   hires   keirs   kiers   recks   rices   ricks   rises   risks   sheik   shier   shies   shire   shirk   shris   sices   sicks   siker   sikes   sires   skier   skies

t -   cesti   chert   chest   chits   citer   cites   crest   ethic   heist   ither   ketch   khets   kiter   kites   kithe   kiths   recti   retch   rites   shirt   shtik   skirt   skite   stich   stick   stirk   their   thick   ticks   tiers   tikes   tires   treks   trice   trick   tries   trike

u -   cruse   crush   cuish   cukes   cures   curie   curse   ecrus   hucks   ruche   rucks   shuck   sieur   sucre   ureic   usher

v -   chive   hives   rives   shive   siver   skive   vices   viers   vires

w -   chews   crews   screw   shrew   weirs   whirs   whisk   wicks   wires   wiser   wreck   wrick   wries

x -   xeric

y -   kyrie   risky   rykes   shyer   skiey   yechs   yerks   yikes

z -   sizer   zerks

4 letters

a -   aces   ache   acre   airs   arch   arcs   ares   arks   arse   asci   cake   care   cark   cars   case   cash   cask   char   chia   each   ears   eras   hack   haes   haik   hair   hake   hare   hark   hear   kaes   keas   race   rack   rake   raki   rase   rash   rhea   rias   sack   sake   saki   sari   sark   scar   sear   sera   shea

b -   beck   bice   bier   bike   birk   bise   bisk   brie   bris   crib   herb   kerb   kibe   rebs   ribs

c -   chic   chis   cire   cris   heck   hick   ices   ichs   reck   recs   rice   rich   rick   sice   sick

d -   cedi   chid   deck   desk   dice   dick   dies   dike   dire   dirk   disc   dish   disk   drek   edhs   herd   hide   hied   iced   ides   ired   kids   reds   ride   rids   shed   side   skid

e -   cees   cere   cire   eche   ekes   heck   heir   here   hers   hies   hike   hire   ices   ires   keir   kier   reck   recs   reek   rees   reis   resh   rice   rise   seek   seer   sere   sice   sike   sire   skee

f -   chef   feck   fehs   fice   fire   firs   fisc   fish   kefs   kerf   kief   kifs   refs   reif   rife   rifs   seif   serf

g -   cigs   egis   ergs   geck   ghis   gies   kegs   regs   rigs   sigh   skeg

h -   chis   heck   hehs   heir   hers   hick   hies   hike   hire   ichs   khis   resh   rich   shri

i -   chis   cire   cris   heir   hick   hies   hike   hire   ices   ichs   ires   iris   irks   keir   khis   kier   kirs   kris   reis   rice   rich   rick   rise   risk   shri   sice   sick   sike   sire

j -   jerk

k -   heck   hick   hike   irks   keck   keir   khis   kick   kier   kike   kirk   kirs   kris   reck   rick   risk   sick   sike

l -   ceil   cels   elhi   elks   heil   herl   ilks   isle   lech   lehr   leis   leks   lice   lich   lick   lier   lies   like   lire   riel   rile   silk

m -   emic   emir   hems   herm   merk   mesh   mice   mick   mike   mire   mirk   mirs   mise   rems   rime   rims   semi   shim   skim

n -   chin   cine   erns   hens   hern   hins   hisn   inch   inks   kens   kern   kine   kins   kirn   neck   nice   nick   rein   rink   rins   shin   sine   sinh   sink   skin

o -   cero   coir   coke   core   cork   cors   cosh   echo   eros   hero   hock   hoer   hoes   hoke   hose   kois   kore   kors   okeh   okes   orcs   ores   rhos   rock   rocs   roes   rose   shoe   sock   soke   sore   sori

p -   ceps   chip   epic   hips   kepi   keps   kips   pech   peck   pecs   pehs   peri   perk   phis   pice   pick   pics   pier   pies   pike   pish   reps   ripe   rips   ship   sipe   skep   skip   spec   spic   spik

r -   cire   cris   errs   heir   hers   hire   ires   irks   keir   kier   kirs   kris   reck   recs   reis   resh   rice   rich   rick   rise   risk   shri   sire

s -   cess   chis   cris   hers   hies   hiss   ices   ichs   ires   irks   khis   kirs   kiss   kris   recs   reis   resh   rise   risk   secs   seis   sers   shes   shri   sice   sick   sics   sike   sire   sirs   skis   sris

t -   chit   cist   cite   erst   etch   eths   etic   hest   hets   hist   hits   itch   khet   kist   kite   kith   kits   rest   rets   rite   sect   shit   site   sith   skit   stir   thir   this   tick   tics   tier   ties   tike   tire   trek

u -   crus   cues   cuke   cure   curs   cusk   ecru   ecus   huck   hues   huic   husk   kues   rhus   ruck   rues   ruse   rush   rusk   such   suck   suer   sure   ukes   uric   user

v -   hive   revs   rive   shiv   vice   vier   vies   vise

w -   chew   crew   hews   shew   skew   weir   whir   wich   wick   wire   wise   wish

y -   icky   keys   ryes   ryke   scry   syce   syke   yech   yerk

z -   chez   size   zeks   zerk

3 letters

a -   ace   air   ais   arc   are   ark   ars   ash   ask   car   ear   era   hae   has   kae   kas   kea   rah   ras   ria   sac   sae   sea   sha   ska

b -   bis   reb   rib   sib

c -   chi   cis   hic   ice   ich   ick   rec   sec   sic

d -   die   dis   edh   eds   hid   ids   kid   red   rid

e -   cee   eke   ere   ers   her   hes   hie   ice   ire   rec   ree   rei   res   sec   see   sei   ser   she

f -   efs   feh   fer   fie   fir   ifs   kef   kif   ref   rif

g -   cig   erg   ghi   gie   keg   reg   rig   seg

h -   chi   heh   her   hes   hic   hie   his   ich   khi   she   shh

i -   chi   cis   hic   hie   his   ice   ich   ick   ire   irk   khi   kir   rei   sei   sic   sir   ski   sri

k -   ick   irk   khi   kir   ski

l -   cel   elk   els   ilk   lei   lek   lie   lis   sel

m -   ems   hem   him   ism   mir   mis   rem   rim   sim

n -   ens   ern   hen   hin   ink   ins   ken   kin   rin   sen   sin

o -   cor   cos   hoe   koi   kor   kos   oes   ohs   oke   orc   ore   ors   ose   rho   roc   roe

p -   cep   hep   hip   kep   kip   pec   peh   per   pes   phi   pic   pie   pis   psi   rep   rip   sip

r -   err   ers   her   ire   irk   kir   rec   rei   res   ser   sir   sri

s -   cis   ers   ess   hes   his   res   sec   sei   ser   she   sic   sir   sis   ski   sri

t -   eth   het   hit   its   kit   ret   set   sit   the   tic   tie   tis   tsk

u -   cue   cur   ecu   hue   kue   rue   sue   uke   use

v -   rev   vie   vis

w -   hew   sew   wis

x -   hex   kex   rex   sex   six   xis

y -   cry   hey   icy   key   rye   shy   sky   yeh   yes

z -   zek

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