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Words formed from any letters in shend, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

i -   shined

o -   noshed

s -   shends

u -   unshed

5 letters

a -   ashed   ashen   deans   deash   hades   hands   hanse   heads   sadhe   saned   sedan   shade

b -   bends

c -   scend

d -   shend

e -   denes   dense   heeds   needs   sheen   shend

f -   fends

h -   shend

i -   dines   hides   hinds   nides   shied   shine   snide

l -   lends

m -   mends

n -   shend

o -   honed   hones   hosed   hosen   nodes   nosed   shoed   shone   sonde

p -   pends   spend

r -   herds   herns   nerds   rends   sherd   shred

s -   sends   sheds   shend   sneds

t -   dents   hents   shent   tends   thens

u -   dunes   nudes

v -   vends

w -   shewn   wends   whens

y -   dynes

4 letters

a -   ands   anes   dahs   dash   dean   hade   haed   haen   haes   hand   head   sade   sand   sane   shad   shea

b -   beds   bend   bens   debs   nebs

d -   dens   edhs   ends   send   shed   sned

e -   dees   dene   dens   edhs   ends   heed   hens   need   seed   seen   send   sene   shed   sned

f -   feds   fehs   fend   fens

g -   engs   geds   gens

h -   edhs   hehs   hens   shed

i -   deni   dies   dine   dins   dish   hide   hied   hies   hind   hins   hisn   ides   nide   shin   side   sine   sinh

k -   desk   kens

l -   dels   elds   held   lend   lens   sled

m -   hems   mend   mesh

n -   dens   ends   hens   send   sned

o -   does   done   dons   dose   eons   hods   hoed   hoes   hone   hons   hose   node   nods   noes   nose   nosh   odes   ohed   ones   shod   shoe   sone

p -   peds   pehs   pend   pens   sped

r -   erns   herd   hern   hers   nerd   reds   rend   resh

s -   dens   edhs   ends   hens   ness   send   shed   shes   sned

t -   dent   eths   hent   hest   hets   nest   nets   sent   teds   tend   tens   then

u -   dues   dune   duns   hued   hues   huns   nude   shun   sued   unde   used

v -   devs   vend

w -   dews   hewn   hews   news   sewn   shew   weds   wend   wens   when

y -   deny   deys   dyes   dyne   snye   syne   yens

z -   zeds

3 letters

a -   ads   and   ane   ash   dah   had   hae   has   nae   nah   sad   sae   sea   sha

b -   bed   ben   deb   neb

c -   sec

d -   den   edh   eds   end

e -   dee   den   edh   eds   end   ens   hen   hes   nee   see   sen   she

f -   efs   fed   feh   fen

g -   eng   ged   gen   seg

h -   edh   heh   hen   hes   she   shh

i -   die   din   dis   hid   hie   hin   his   ids   ins   sei   sin

k -   ken

l -   del   eld   els   led   sel

m -   ems   hem   med   men

n -   den   end   ens   hen   sen

o -   doe   don   dos   eon   hod   hoe   hon   nod   noh   nos   ode   ods   oes   ohs   one   ons   ose   sod   son

p -   hep   ped   peh   pen   pes

r -   ern   ers   her   red   res   ser

s -   eds   ens   ess   hes   sen   she

t -   eth   het   net   nth   set   ted   ten   the

u -   due   duh   dun   hue   hun   nus   sue   sun   uns   use

v -   dev

w -   dew   hew   new   sew   wed   wen

x -   dex   hex   sex

y -   dey   dye   hey   shy   syn   yeh   yen   yes

z -   zed

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