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Words formed from any letters in sects, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   castes   cestas

h -   chests

n -   scents

o -   cestos   cosets   cosset   escots

r -   crests

u -   cestus   scutes

5 letters

a -   asset   cases   caste   casts   cates   cesta   easts   sates   scats   seats   taces   tasse

b -   bests

c -   sects

e -   cetes   sects

g -   gests

h -   chess   chest   hests

i -   cesti   cists   cites   sices   sites   sties

j -   jests

l -   celts

m -   stems

n -   cents   nests   scent

o -   coses   coset   costs   cotes   escot   scots

p -   pests   septs   specs   steps

r -   cress   crest   rests   tress

s -   sects

t -   sects   setts   stets   tests

u -   cutes   scute   scuts   suets

v -   vests

w -   stews   wests

x -   sexts

y -   cysts   styes   syces

z -   zests

4 letters

a -   aces   acts   ates   case   cast   cate   cats   east   eats   etas   sacs   sate   scat   seas   seat   seta   tace   tass   teas

b -   best   bets

c -   cess   secs   sect

d -   teds

e -   cees   cess   cete   eses   secs   sect   sees   sets   tees

f -   efts   fess   fets

g -   gest   gets   segs   tegs

h -   etch   eths   hest   hets   shes

i -   cist   cite   etic   ices   seis   sice   sics   site   sits   tics   ties

j -   jess   jest   jets

k -   tsks

l -   cels   celt   less   lest   lets   sels   tels

m -   mess   stem

n -   cent   ness   nest   nets   sent   tens

o -   coss   cost   cote   cots   oses   scot   sots   toes   toss

p -   ceps   pecs   pest   pets   psst   sept   spec   step

r -   erst   recs   rest   rets   sers

s -   cess   secs   sect   sets

t -   sect   sets   sett   stet   test   tets

u -   cues   cuss   cute   cuts   ecus   scut   sues   suet   uses

v -   vest   vets

w -   sews   stew   tews   west   wets

x -   sext

y -   cyst   stey   stye   syce   tyes

z -   zest

3 letters

a -   ace   act   ass   ate   cat   eat   eta   sac   sae   sat   sea   tae   tas   tea

b -   bet

c -   sec

d -   eds   ted

e -   cee   ess   sec   see   set   tee

f -   efs   eft   fet

g -   get   seg   teg

h -   eth   hes   het   she   the

i -   cis   ice   its   sei   sic   sis   sit   tic   tie   tis

j -   jet

k -   tsk

l -   cel   els   let   sel   tel

m -   ems   met

n -   ens   net   sen   ten

o -   cos   cot   oes   ose   sos   sot   toe

p -   cep   pec   pes   pet

r -   ers   rec   res   ret   ser

s -   ess   sec   set

t -   set   tet

u -   cue   cut   ecu   sue   use   uts

v -   vet

w -   sew   tew   wet

x -   sex

y -   sty   tye   yes   yet

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