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Words formed from any letters in scup, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   scaup

e -   puces

k -   pucks

l -   sculp

o -   coups

s -   cusps   scups

4 letters

a -   caps   pacs   upas

b -   cubs   pubs

c -   cups   cusp   scup

d -   cuds   dups   puds   scud   spud

e -   ceps   cues   ecus   pecs   puce   spec   spue   supe

g -   pugs

h -   push   such

i -   pics   spic

k -   cusk   puck   suck

l -   plus   puls

m -   scum   sump   umps

n -   puns   spun

o -   cops   coup   opus   scop   soup

p -   cups   cusp   pups   scup

r -   crus   curs   purs   spur

s -   cups   cusp   cuss   puss   scup   sups

t -   cuts   puts   scut   tups

u -   cups   cusp   scup

y -   yups

3 letters

a -   asp   cap   pac   pas   sac   sap   sau   spa

b -   bus   cub   pub   sub

c -   cup

d -   cud   dup   pud

e -   cep   cue   ecu   pec   pes   sec   sue   use

g -   pug

h -   hup

i -   cis   pic   pis   piu   psi   sic   sip

j -   jus

l -   pul

m -   cum   mus   sum   ump

n -   nus   pun   sun   uns

o -   cop   cos   ops   sop   sou   upo

p -   cup   pup   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   cur   pur

s -   pus   sup   ups

t -   cut   put   tup   uts

u -   cup   pus   sup   ups

y -   spy   yup

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